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Courageous Author Writes for Social Change

Juliet Rose
Juliet Rose, author of "Do Over," "We Don't Matter," and "Prick the Needle".

In this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, we’re speaking with an author, a mom, a fighter. She’s dealt with a lot, but with great courage she’s used her novels to try to achieve a better world through meaningful social change. Her name is Juliet Rose and she’s the fifth in a series of guests in March to recognize Women’s History Month.

Juliet lives in the mountains of Georgia and says she first knew she wanted to be a writer when she was 11 years-old. She’s had some tough times, losing her mom at that young age, and then her own four-year-old daughter from cancer when she was 25.

She is the epitome of courage, of someone who grabbed adversity, looked it in the eye, said "you won't defeat me," and succeeded.

"You've got to put your feet out of the bed, and moment by moment you just keep pitching forward. Eventually you find that movement without struggle," she says.

Juliet is now the author of three books with a fourth coming out in May. Her novels all deal with social issues that are important to her and her characters are built around issues like the over-incarceration of people, challenges facing LGBTQ+ individuals, equality and fairness, animal rights, and more.

During the episode, Juliet talks about the process of writing a novel, character development, research, translating life experiences to her works, and then she delves into some of the political and social issues facing our country today.

For example, she is angered by action by Republicans across the nation to restrict voting and make it harder for some people to exercise their right to vote.

It's all about money, she says. "To control the money, you have to control the people. They are looking at the money trail as a pot of gold."

There is a lot more where that came from. Take a listen...

You can learn more about Juliet at

Note: our thanks to Nashville blues musician and saxman Scott Ramminger for the music bed for Lean to the Left. Learn more about Scott at

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