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Covid 19: Analysis and a Warning

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The Covid 19 pandemic was fraught with political and bureaucratic mismanagement that resulted in thousands of needless deaths, according to renowned Washington, DC-area physician and author Dr. Ravi Iyer.

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Dr. Ravi Iyer

Perhaps worse, however, was the warning issued by Dr. Iyer on the Lean to the Left podcast, saying that sloppy actions by scientists and the Wuhan laboratory in China allowed the virus to escape and unless preventive steps are taken, the same thing could happen again.

"The one thing that we need to understand right now is we don't have proper guardrails, because this kind of science is going to continue to get done," he says. "The Pandora box is open and all over the world people are going to do this. It's going to happen. They key is how can you do this safely? How do you regulate it? Virologists are fighting tooth and nail to prevent regulation. They want business as usual."

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Dr, Iyer is the author of a compelling new book, The Reaper's Dance, which puts the reader in a ringside seat to the horror of the Covid pandemic, the calculations of men who were in positions to influence the fate of millions, the science that might have unleased the pandemic, and the science that saved the world.

He is the founding physician and president of the Iyer Clinic in Fairfax, VA. A physician-scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with research publications in the mechanisms of gene controls and several lpatents on human and veterinary medicines and devices, he is also CEO of ActivPower, Inc., a nutrition and wellness company he founded.

America's response to the pandemic was "very bad...a clusterfuck,"Dr. Iyer said. "You would have a CDC official making a statement about a public health policy and (then) there will be somebody else from this side of the administration saying something to contradict this guy."

"Deeply flawed leaders," he contended, "played to the fears of a deeply disillusioned population and they, the flawed leaders' demagoguery, came to America at the right time to tap into the fear of loss ofd power." Half the population, he added, felt like they were "under siege, feeling that they, their way of life was going away for reasons that they could not understand."

Other key points discussed as Dr. Iyer offered his analysis and warning:

  • Many Americans distrust the pharmaceutical industry, which they believe is simply focused on generating profits, thus adding to skepticism regarding the vaccines.

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, was partially responsible for Covid 19's spread because his agency provided funding for the Wuhan lab in China.

  • Dr. Iyer's clinic used such commonplace items as overalls and swimming pool chemicals to protect personnel there, even as other preventive items were in short supply, and not a single worker became ill.

  • He credits former President Donald Trump with his "warp speed" approach to bringing out the Covid vaccine, but then said Trump "dropped the ball" when he learned FDDA approval would not come before the November election and said it was then up to the states to individually implement it.

Editor's Note: Ironically, the author of this article contracted Covid 19 shortly after this interview was conducted. Dr. Iyer kindly provided some helpful advice that has helped to ease the impact of the virus.

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