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Critical Race Theory: 'From the Pit of Hell'

Sheri Few, firebrand leader against teaching the implications of racial history and comprehensive sex education in school, on the Lean to the Left podcast says teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) "is from the pit of Hell and is meant to destroy lives."

Founder and president of US Parents Involved in Education, Few ran unsuccessfully for office three times in South Carolina, and now is doing a media blitz claiming that discussions of CRT-related issues is rooted in Marxism and part of a Communist plot, supported by liberals, to "collapse our form of government and change it into a Marxist and even Communist form of government."

Co-hosting the episode is children’s author and Lean to the Left contributing writer Dr. Pamela Gurley, who challenges Few on her goal to "Make America America Again", a slogan she used in her unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for Congress.

“The last president brought out what America really looked like.” “You are trying to go back to a time that benefited you, a White woman, that did not benefit someone like me, a Black woman,” says Dr. Gurley.

View the episode:


2:06 Critical Race Theory, distortion of history and what it means when it comes to education.

FEW -- “I oppose critical race theory that, in its roots, is Marxist. So critical theory came out of the Marxist Frankfurt School in Germany many decades ago. There’s several critical theories, not just critical race theory. There’s Critical Queer Theory, Critical, Critical Gender Theory, Critical Feminist Theory…the intent was to criticize the society and culture by identifying all these different groups.”

3:08 Cultural Marxism

FEW -- “They identified different groups of people, put them against one another in order to cause division. The end goal would be to collapse our form of government and change it into a Marxist or even Communist form of government.”

5:18 – Plot to turn American government into Communist government?

FEW -- “Absolutely. We’ve seen an entire generation steeped in socialism.” “If we don’t wake up and stop the indoctrination of children and get back to teaching core academics…children are failing academically and it gets worse and worse every year, and in the meantime, what do they want to do? They want to teach social emotional learning, critical race theory. All of these are things that really have no business in the classroom.”

6:26 – Get rid of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare?

FEW -- “Yes, I’m sorry, I believe that. I believe that it started with the War on Poverty and LBJ and we’ve just progressed more and more until we get to the point where it’s all universal medicine.” Says Social Security falls into the same category.

8:40 –Race in Florida Math Books

FEW --“We should not be indoctrinating children with math problems because people disagree on that topic…if it’s a controversial issue, it shouldn’t be in a math problem.”

11:11 – Teaching patriotism

FEW -- “Children are not even taught to love their country any more. We’re the only country in the world that doesn’t teach their children to be patriotic. Instead our children are taught that we are oppressors, and that we have stolen from the Indians and all of this nonsense.”

11:47 – New Documentary Film

FEW -- “It’s called “Truth and Lies in American Education.” Website: https://Truthandliesfilm.US . This is an important expose.”

13:35 – Oppressing American Indians

FEW -- “There were some bad situations like the Trail of Tears, but it wasn’t all bad. We came and our goal was to evangelize when we came to this country... So, we were able to help Indians in a lot of ways.”

14:48 – The Sexualization of Children

FEW -- “It has been in the classroom for decades, but it’s just getting worse and worse.” Discusses parents’ lawsuit in Ludlow County, MA, accusing teachers of trying to groom children into thinking of themselves as transgender.

21:40 – Abstinence Until Marriage

FEW – “I have written four, maybe five, abstinence-until-marriage curricula. Since it (sex ed) is in the schools, I think it’s a better approach than teaching children how to put condoms on bananas and that kind of stuff that was happening 20 years ago. Now it’s far worse than that.”

25:21 – Parental Responsibility

FEW – Good parents and grandparents don’t prop their kids up in front of the television and let them watch all these ridiculous shows that are against their values.”

26:26 – Parental Options

FEW – “Every parent should be made aware before those classes are taught and have the opportunity to review the curriculum, and, if they object to the content, they ought to have the opportunity to opt their child out.”

29:08 – What did your campaign slogan “Make America America Again” Mean?

FEW – “To get back to when we loved our country and we were proud to be American, and we were a melting pot, and we were united, and where people wanted to be American, when immigrants would come here and go through all that it takes so that they could become an American citizen.” “My mother stayed home and raised her children instead of sending them to day care while she worked. It was a healthier, more prosperous, much more friendly country. I have never seen our country more divided than it is today.”

30:40 – Reasons for Division

Host Bob Gatty comments that a major reason why the country is so divided is because of “the last president.”

FEW – “I can tell you that the one before that is the reason this country is so divided. You know we had our first Black president and he fanned racism like never before.” Seriously? she was asked. “I’m dead serious.”

31:16 – America for Who?

GURLEY -- “The last president brought out what America really looked like.” “You are trying to go back to a time that benefited you, a White woman, that did not benefit someone like me, a Black woman.”

39:24 – Importance of Two-Parent Families

FEW – “Fifty, 60, 70 years ago, Black families were led by two-parent families. Today it is the direct opposite. Over 70 percent of Black children are raised in single-parent homes.” “That’s an issue that needs to be resolved by your community.”

41:16 – Going Back to the ‘50s

Host Bob Gatty says it’s not possible to go back to the ‘50s where mommy stayed home to care for the kids and daddy went to work to earn a living. “That’s what you want? You can’t have it,” he says.

44:43 – Sexuality in School: Teachers’ Responsibility

FEW – Education needs to be focused on core academics, and these other issues do not belong in the classroom at all. Social issues belong in the home, church and community.

47:16 – Oppressed vs. the Oppressors

FEW – “It is Marxist at its roots and it’s an intentional agenda to pit people against one another, to have all these different groups instead of being united…I believe that CRT (critical race theory) and the cultural responsive pedagogy and all these separate identities, pitting people against one another, is from the pit of Hell and is meant to destroy lives, and that’s why fundamentally, I’m opposed to it.”

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Something is wrong when people want to hide the truth. The "kids" in my family are all between 18-39 and are mostly my nieces and nephews. They want to know and have their children know the truth. They want CRT taught in schools and they want their children to know the truth about Native American history, and about the Holocaust and etc. Hiding the truth is equivalent to lying.They want their children to be comfortable with who they are not to live in a world where they are threatened by their sexual orientation and more. They care about the environment. They want unity. They believe that no one should go hungry. They believe that everyone deserves an education, not just…

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
May 01, 2022
Replying to

Well said, Deb. Thankyou.


C J Waldron
C J Waldron
May 01, 2022

From what I’m hearing, you are in complete denial to the fact that America owes its prosperity to the fact a large percentage of the workforce did not benefit, either financially or socially, from our agrarian economy. The issue of reparations is about addressing these inequities and allowing Blacks the same advantages as their White counterparts. Affirmative Action is meant to create some advantages, but not everyone is able to take advantage of this due to the racism, such as redlining and gerrymandering, that will not permit them to do so.

By getting rid of the social programs you mentioned, we are permitting the upper class to completely dominate the economic landscape. No access to healthcare and eliminating Social Securit…

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
May 01, 2022
Replying to

Excellent, CJ. Unfortunately, as she says in the interview, there are a lot of people in this country who have bought into the lies and misinformation that she is espousing and spreading.

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