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Kim Sorrelle: Defining 'Love' After Tragedy

Kim Sorrelle
Kim Sorrelle is the author of "Love Is," based on a year's research after the death of her husband.

Kim Sorrelle and her husband Richard were happily married, successful in business, and parents of terrific kids. Then one day it all fell apart. That led to Kim spending more than a year figuring out what love really is.

First, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer, but four months later the doctors told Richard that he had pancreatic cancer, and within six weeks, he was gone.

Kim is our guest on the Lean to the Left podcast, where she tells her story with great sensitivity and wonderful humor.

"Losing my husband made me question love," she says, "So, I dedicated a whole year to search for the true meaning of love and how to live it. I spent most of the year in Haiti, where I made life-changing discoveries that rocked my world.

"I was chased by a motorcycle gang, slept on the ground where snakes and tarantulas roam, got lost on a mile-high mountain, and so much more." The "much more" includes how she was sleeping on an air mattress outside when she was awakened by something crawling on her. It was a chicken. It happened twice. Then, Kim and her colleagues had chicken for dinner.

All of that led to Kim writing "Love Is," an award-winning best-seller that tells the sometimes scary, sometimes funny, always enlightening stories leading to revelations about love.

"The things I learned about love, living, breathing, walking, and talking love, can change the world," says Kim.

Here are key questions we asked Kim:

1. You were hit with a sledge hammer twice. First, your breast cancer diagnosis, then the loss of Steve. How did you navigate all of that? Weren’t you angry?

2. What about your cancer. Are you OK now?

3. “Love Is” is your second book. The first was Cry Until You Laugh, about your journey with Steve after his cancer diagnosis. What did that do for you, writing that book?

4. How old were your children when this all happened?

5. I understand that your youngest son, Noah, is a cancer researcher with a focus on breast cancer. I presume it was those back to back diagnosis that led him to do that?

6. Your bio says you spent a year after Steve died searching for the true meaning of love. Why? Didn’t you already know that? Where did that search take you and what did you discover?

7. Why Haiti? Your book description says that while you were there, you met people who both tested and displayed love to its limits, from irritating employees to sexist short-term missionaries to curse-wielding women, to kind nuns…tell us more.

8. Did you do all of that as research for Love Is? Or did the decision to write that book come out of that experience?

9. With the great political divide that is in our country, you told me that people from both parties can actually have dinner together without breaking into a fistfight? How would that happen? Do you just simply ignore the elephant in the room – say Trump – and talk about anything else?

10. So that raises this question: You say real love changes everything. How? MAGA Republicans absolutely despise liberals and Democrats. And people who despite Trump feel the same way about his supporters. They each call each other evil. Where is there room for even tolerance, let alone love?

11. You’ve done a lot more in your life than write a couple books and search out the true meaning of love, right? Business entrepreneur, basketball and volleyball coach, tell us more.

12. What is your bottom line message to our listeners about love and its power?

Listen to or watch this Lean to the Left podcast for this fascinating interview.


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