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Dinner with Trump?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020
The "Trump Team" sent Jackie an invitation to have dinner with the president. Really.

What would you do if you received an invitation to have dinner with President Trump? That's exactly what happened to my wife, Jackie, and so we decided to air her response in a new episode of the world renowned Bob & Jackie Show on YouTube.

The "invitation" was emailed and said that if she sent in a contribution of any size she could have dinner with her "favorite president." Jackie said that would be President Obama. Truth be told, the "invitation" was probably some sort of a lottery since it said "Win a chance to meet...", but it was good enough for us to use on the Bob & Jackie Show.

So asked what she would do if she was roped into such a dinner, Jackie said she'd "eat a lot of beans" beforehand so she'd "be filled with gas," and she said she'd probably take some rat poison with her.

The "invitation" also said something about Jackie getting "VIP all access," so I reminded her what happens at strip clubs when you get taken into the "VIP suite."

"Yea, you get screwed. Literally," came Jackie's reply.

There was some more "R" rated conversation about Trump's "equipment" or lack thereof, but to learn more you'll need to watch the video.

The conversation moved on to the race for the Democratic presidential nomination between former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Biden's pledge to select a woman as his vice presidential runningmate. "He's got my vote," said Jackie, who added that no female has been elected president because we "live in a male dominated world."

Once again, there's lots of laughs with Jackie's hilarious off-the-cuff cracks and common sense-based responses.

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