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Do Right, Be Right & Pay it Forward

We hear a lot about ethics in business these days, but we also see a lot of greed -- a fact that seems driven home nearly every day if we simply watch the news or even just go about our everyday lives.

Fortunately, though, there are companies, large and small, that do care more about doing what's right than about ringing out every penny of profit, and a friend of mine, Brad Borkhuis, is dedicated to helping them do exactly that.

I first met Brad when he ran a convenience industry food distribution company in North Dakota and one of my communications clients was a Washington, DC-based trade association that served that industry. I admired Brad for his smarts, his openness, and was grateful for his willingness to share information with me that helped me do my job.

Today, Brad is a business management coach and operates a company called Epitome Coaching and Consulting. He’s the author of a book on Amazon, “Eye of the Storm: Leading from Peace When All Hell is Breaking Loose,” and writes a blog called "The Greatness Garage." The philosophy that guides him in his life and his work is this: Do Right, Be Right, and Pay it Forward.

I like that a lot.

In this episode of NFN Radio News, Brad talks with me about what it takes to achieve business success while also doing right, being right, and paying forward. Take a listen:

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