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Do We Want Josh Hawley's America?

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) whines about President Biden on Fox.

During a recent interview, on Fox, of course, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) made the claim that Joe Biden “is a guy who really doesn’t like America”. Hawley was referring to President Biden’s Summit for Democracy, which Hawley called “one long anti-American tirade”.

The senator from Whine-oming went on to further claim that Biden was “out of touch” and is letting “an actual authoritarian dictator call the shots” when it came to policy. Like so many other Republicans, he is relying on Americans to develop amnesia by having us forget Trump’s cozying up to North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un, or when he sided with Russia’s autocratic leader, Vladimir Putin, during the infamous Helsinki Summit,

Hawley would certainly like us to forget his image where he raised his fist to show support for the pro-Trump mob who were attempting to halt the certification of Joe Biden as president. Even after the insurrection, Hawley voted against Biden’s certification, citing unspecified irregularities in Pennsylvania.

Again Hawley is attempting to re-write history by telling people, despite statements to the contrary, he was not trying to overturn the election results, but points to unverified evidence of voter fraud that he, and other staunch Trump supporters insist, without evidence, happened in several swing states that Biden won. They are conveniently ignoring the results in the states where Trump was declared the victor.

But Americans’ memories are not so brief. Even those on the right, including Conservative publisher Sarah Longwell, are calling out Hawley and others for their support of the insurrection. Longwell goes as far as asserting that Hawley was an accomplice to the uprising through his continuing spreading of misinformation.

Hawley’s legislative accomplishments are nothing to brag about. So far, he has introduced 30 bills, none of which have been voted into law. Among those proposed pieces of legislation are the Love America Act, the No Tik Tok on Government Devices Act and the Duck Boat Safety Enhancement Act. He has also voted against any legislation supported by President Biden 89 percent of the time. He’s voted against the Infrastructure Law, expanding voting rights, COVID relief, and legislation aimed at banning hate crimes against Asian Americans.

Hawley also opposed every single Biden cabinet pick.

Those who opposed the Trump administration’s decisions, even with valid reasons, were accused of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. It’s safe to say, based upon his voting record, that Josh Hawley suffers “Biden Derangement Syndrome”, and he can offer no defense other than to swear fealty to Trump rather than serving those who elected him.

Since he has time on his hands by not doing his job, Hawley has decided to occupy himself with the odd obsession of attacking the masculinity of those on the left. Despite decreasing unemployment claims, Hawley is telling those on the left to start working and stop playing video games and watching porn. He has made this bizarre claim many times, as he attempts to find yet another way to belittle those on the left.

So, to recap: If you want to live in Josh Hawley’s America, there is no negotiating with dictators (unless they are approved by Donald Trump). Your job is not to serve the people who elected you, but to cater to the whims of the one-term, twice impeached ex-president. You are to engage in “busy work” like introducing bills that have no chance of passage and giving aid and comfort to those who want to overthrow the government. And you must adopt a pet cause to serve as the centerpiece of your agenda, namely “manliness”.

Hopefully, we won’t be living in Josh Hawley’s nightmare vision of America.

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