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Donald Trump Returns to the White House

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

It’s August 13th, and the date that was predicted is finally here. Donald Trump has triumphantly reclaimed his rightful place as the victor in the 2020 election and Joe Biden is under arrest.

Yea, right!

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Once again, the delusional conspiracy theorists on the far right have muffed another “deadline”. Spurred on by a comment by My Pillow creator, Mike Lindell, August 13th is just the latest lame effort to dispute the 2020 election results. As it turns out, this is nothing more than a transparent attempt to promote his three-day “symposium” that promised to present irrefutable evidence of a stolen election.

Spoiler Alert: No actual evidence was presented. Instead, those who “tuned in” via his website were treated to a series of vague screen shots that purportedly supported Lindell’s claims, but offered no explanation as to how they did this. Even those who were tasked with analyzing the “data” acknowledged they were “given a turd” while others were shouting to “ignore the facts” and instead accept the lies.

Lindell claimed to have irrefutable evidence that agents in China had hacked the election software through “pocket captures” despite the fact voting machines weren’t connected to the internet. When technical difficulties marked the start of the symposium, Lindell of course blamed unnamed hackers.

He also offered, then withdrew, an offer of $5 million to anyone who could disprove his false election claims, then shifted his narrative to saying he was attacked at his hotel by what some will assume were members of Antifa, or some other members of the “radical left” who wanted to prevent “the truth” from coming out.

If this all sounds increasingly bizarre to you, it’s because it is. Yet, it’s no more bizarre than past predictions of a Trump triumphant return to the White House. Following the election, there were claims of ballot dumps, as the vote count shifted to Joe Biden’s favor.

As multiple lawsuits failed to overturn the election results, hopes turned to December 11th, the deadline for states to certify the election results. Trump and his supporters insisted that state election boards could nullify the votes and either award them to Trump or call for new elections; the political equivalent of a “do-over”.

The January 6th insurrection was a blatant effort to overturn the election results and install Trump as the “rightful winner”. Trump and his supporters mistakenly believed that they could forcibly intimidate members of Congress and the Vice President into declaring Trump the winner despite losing both the popular vote and the Electoral College.

After the insurrection failed, they turned their sights to Inauguration Day. In what they called The Storm, Q-anon supporters believed that, prior to his being sworn in, Joe Biden and several other Democrats would be arrested and summarily executed, paving the way for Donald Trump’s return.

When that also failed to materialize, conspiracy theorists turned to original inauguration dates of March 4th, then March 20th as the time the “real president” would seize power. There were even claims, albeit false ones, that tickets were being sold to attend this second inauguration.

Which brings us to today. Without evidence, at least not any that can be reliably verified, Mike Lindell continues to push the Big Lie. Not coincidentally, during this latest farce, Lindell himself announced the lawsuit against himself and Trump attorneys Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani would be allowed to proceed. The billion dollar lawsuit, filed by Dominion Voting Systems Corp. seeks damages for spreading the very election lies the symposium alleged to expose.

So with this latest date coming and going without the desired results, those on the right will no doubt set a new date the same way charlatan preachers do when the date they claimed would be the “Second Coming” passes without event.

And what does Donald Trump have to say about all of this? He seizes on the opportunity and of course, uses it as another “fundraising” boondoggle. To date he has raked in over $100 million, with no end in sight.

Yep, there are suckers everywhere willing to believe anything that will support their delusions.

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1 comentario

Mark M. Bello
Mark M. Bello
14 ago 2021

Second coming? Only in this narcissist's warped brain. However, America beware: If we don't rise up and stop these blatant, anti-American attacks on our democracy, through so-called "legitimate" mean, we may actually see this charlatan's return. Gerrymandering and voter restriction laws are a real thing and a real threat. If your elected representative (state or federal) supports these voter restriction efforts and does not support every citizen's simple right to vote, get out, any way you can, register, and vote for his or her opponent. Thanks, CJ, for this important and timely post.

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