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Escaping the 'Pit of Despair'

Justin Long also is the author of "Adventures of a Horse Doctor's Husband" and other titles.

Justin Long never felt comfortable in his own skin. After years of physical and psychological abuse from his parents, he was a self-loathing stranger to love. But at age 32, he faced up to the fact that his existence had become a downward spiral of alcoholism and despair.

Knowing something had to change, Justin sought help and got sober. But defeating addiction was just the start of his journey of endurance and revelation.

Committed to becoming whole, he fought through his cynicism about men and counseling in order to resolve his underlying pain and rise above his past.

Now, he’s written a book about those experiences. It’s called The Righteous Rage of a Ten-Year-Old Boy…a Journey of Self-Discovery. It’s a raw narrative of Justin’s battle, unflinchingly honest, offering encouragement to those who face similar challenges every day.

Justin is our guest in this episode of the NFN Radio News podcast:

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