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Fighting a Rare, Deadly Cancer--and Winning

There’s a horrible, deadly cancer that not many people know about. It’s called Cholangiocarcinoma. We’ll learn a lot about that today from Jan Meyer, who lost her mother to this disease, and has been fighting Cholangio herself.

Jan is a retired registered nurse and was diagnosed with Stage 2B intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in February 2018. She underwent a liver resection and then received chemotherapy for six months. She is doing well now, and is spending her life helping to raise money and awareness for cholangiocarcinoma research--despite being confined to a wheelchair as a result of injuries suffered in an accident.

On May 20, Jan and her husband, Dean, will hold their 4th annual 5k, called the Quack Out Cholangio 5k Run/Walk to Crush Bile Duct Cancer, with all proceeds earmarked for research.

It's an event that last year generated some $75,000 in money raised for cancer research with more than 500 participants and another 100 people joining in remotely.

Here are some questions we asked Jan:

Q. First, let’s talk about Cholangio…what are the symptoms of this disease?

Q. What are some of the risk factors? Is it genetic?

Q. I know that Cholangiocarcinoma is a relatively rare disease. Just how rare? Do you know how many people have it?

Q. If someone is diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, what’s your advice?

Q. To what do you attribute your apparent success in dealing with this disease?

Q. Let’s talk about the 5K. How can people get involved?

Listen to the podcast:

Watch the interview:

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