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Fighting to Keep Kids Safe at School

Bob Gatty interviews Kyle Roedler on the Lean to the Left podcast.
Kyle Roedler (right) has helped launch a new Parents Safety Alliance dedicated to helping keep children safe at school. He is interviewed by Lean to the Left podcast host Bob Gatty.

Kyle Roedler is a father of two baby girls, a husband and a dog owner living in Atlanta, GA.

It is unacceptable, he says, that children should be endangered when they go to school, supposedly a haven of safety and learning. He is our guest on the 500th episode of the Lean to the Left podcast.

So, Kyle is taking action. He’s launched a new organization called the Parents Safety Alliance, and is looking to establish chapters in every town across America, which is holding a meeting for concerned parents tomorrow evening, 6-8 pm, at the historic courthouse in downtown Decatur, GA. Everyone is invited and you can join online at

You can also learn more at

During the interview, Roedler discusses some innovative ideas on how to keep schools, churches, and other public venues safe from would-be shooters, including the development of a new ap that would help bring off-duty police officers to help with security.

Roedler's movement is not about gun control, he stresses, it's about keeping our children safe when they go to school.

Here are some questions we asked during the show:

So welcome to the podcast, Kyle. Tell us about what you’re up to – and why.

Q. What prompted you to step out and take action?

Q. Your kids go to a private, religious school, not a public school. Does that make any difference when it comes to risks and safety?

Q. What would you like to see happen in terms of actions to keep kids safe at school?

Q. What were your thoughts about the law enforcement response to the Uvalde, TX massacre of 19 children and two teachers? I see that law suits have been filed seeking $27 billion from government agencies and the school district to compensate families of the victims.

Q. How is the Alliance doing? You’re in DeKalb County, Atlanta, GA now. How many parents are involved?

Q. What are your plans for growth?

Q. What are your thoughts about the availability of such weapons as AR-15s to the average person…weapons like this have been used in school shootings.

Q. Should schools be required to have armed guards on site at all times?

Q. What are your thoughts about arming teachers and expecting them to defend their students against shooters?

Listen to the episode:

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May 24, 2023

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