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Finger Pointing

The old saying goes, “Be careful when you point your finger at someone else because there are three pointing back at you.” Such is the case with Republicans and their numerous claims against Democrats.

They claim the impeachment process is a waste of taxpayer dollars; yet have no problem with investigators jetting around the world to seek the origins of the Mueller investigation on the taxpayers’ dime.

They accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of permitting his son, Hunter, the ability to gain financially based on his political position, yet turn a blind eye at the numerous financial windfalls Trump’s children are getting on the basis of Trump’s standing.

They lambasted Bill Clinton for his marital indiscretions; yet looked the other way as Trump paid off a porn star after cheating on his third wife.

And still the finger pointing continues.

The Mueller investigation cost the Justice Department $32 million. Republicans called it a waste of taxpayer dollars even though it resulted in over 35 guilty pleas or convictions. That’s less than $1 million per result. Although still a large amount, it did produce, and is continuing to produce results months after its closing.

It achieved its purpose of seeking the sources of Russian interference in the 2017 election, but did not result in Trump’s ouster, as many had hoped, because of a Justice Department policy that prevents the indictment of a sitting president.

The Mueller investigation lasted 674 Days, or an average of $47,000 per day, making it a rather efficient use of resources considering his key staff consisted of 18 individuals or, as Trump incorrectly called them, eighteen angry Democrats. This staff worked diligently to achieve impressive results, and is still getting convictions, such as the recent Roger Stone verdict.

Compare these results to the Republican-led Benghazi investigation which lasted two years, resulted in zero convictions or guilty pleas and cost the taxpayers $7 million. While the cost was certainly less, the results were zero. Yet the Republican who chaired that investigation, Trey Gowdy (R-SC) became so frustrated with the Mueller investigation, he urged them to “finish the Hell up”, despite the scant results his committee had produced.

During the ongoing impeachment hearings, Republicans are claiming the true targets of the investigation should be Trump’s potential Democratic opponent, Joe and Hunter Biden. They accuse the them of using the vide president’s time in office to get his son a position in which he earned a reported $50,000 per month, despite having minimal qualifications beyond being Joe Biden’s son.

Indeed, one- time Biden ally, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) had launched an investigation into the Bidens even before the decision to impeach Donald Trump has been decided upon.

Meanwhile, Republicans completely ignore the enormous profits taken in by Donald Trump’s children. Trump’s sons , Don Jr. and Eric have made $100 million on real estate alone. Daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared made $15.8 million from the sale of their New York penthouse apartment. All the while, they are bilking the taxpayers of millions as secret service protection is provided for them as they jet set around the world.

India, Indonesia, Scotland and Saudi Arabia are just a few of the countries where the Trumps have used their father’s name to garner new business. True, the Trump name had always been a branding tool, but the exorbitant amount of investments raised while he is currently in office should raise some eyebrows.

And this doesn’t even include the income of Ivanka and Jared Kushner, Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, which was reported to be $135 million in 2018 alone. This came from their business investments, stocks and bonds, their stake in the Washington Trump hotel and Ivanka’s clothing and accessories line. Again, there have been no demands to investigate their finances.

And finally, there is the hypocrisy of the multiple affairs by both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. During the campaign, Trump weaponized Clinton’s affairs, even bringing Clinton’s accusers to a debate hoping to rattle his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Remarkably, this event coincided with Trump’s allegedly paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels to prevent her from disclosing an affair.

There are many other examples of finger-pointing by Trump supporters as they try to deflect from the latest controversy. It has become commonplace by this administration to accuse others of what they have done.

And, the finger-pointing continues.

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