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Follow the Bouncing Ball & Sing Along

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

For those of us old enough to remember, there was once a television show where viewers were encouraged to sing along as a bouncing ball appeared over the lyrics so viewers could stay on beat, much like karaoke today.

In our present context, the “bouncing ball” is the ever changing stock market, which has experienced so many ups and downs, the Dow Jones resembles a roller coaster.

Up 300 points one day, down 800 points the next, back up by 350 points -- and that is just within a single week. It’s enough to have investors reaching for oxygen, or a defibrillator. This is the new normal on Wall St. as we have a trade deal one day and tariffs the next. A random Trump Tweet sends the markets scrambling, sometimes even before the president is out of his bathrobe.

For those who follow history, these extreme gyrations in the stock market were exactly what preceded the Stock Market Crash of 1929, which led to the Great Depression. But President Trump and his administration lackeys choose to ignore history. Given their erratic behavior, they choose to ignore science, English and math, as well.

Meanwhile, those who follow the volatile markets as they worry about their pension plans and various investments, are left looking on helplessly. What were once considered to be comfortable “Golden Years”, have turned into anxiety and outright terror that they will lose everything they spent years earning.

And what is this administration doing? Trump is golfing, Tweeting and holding rallies where he is further stoking fear by telling the crowd they have “no choice” but to vote for him, or their investments will disappear.

What is the average person to do?

As for me, I plan on continuing to invest in the stock market. My suggestion is to buy stock in companies that supply alcohol and anti-anxiety medication. Or since it’s legal in many states, pot.

Good luck as we keep following the bouncing ball. Sing along with me…here are the words (Add your own tune):

Trump, Trump,Trump

You’ve got to go

We can’t afford you any mo…

You lie, you cheat,

you play the field

And all the while,

We have no yield.

Trump, Trump, Trump

You’ve got to go…

We can’t afford you any mo…

You’ve killed my savings

With your tariffs, and now

The fight with China’s

Sent stocks way down.

Trump, Trump, Trump

You’ve got to go

We can’t afford you any mo!

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