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From Fostering to Adoption

"If you have the desire to help, then go help."

That's the advice of Karen Martinez, a Maryland mom who with her husband, Gonzo, served as foster parent to numerous children and now have adopted one of those kids as their own.

It's a journey that Karen believes she was meant to travel, and one that offers hope for those of us who are discouraged by the divisions that seem so prevalent in today's society.

Karen is not rich or famous. She’s not a political expert, nor is she a best-selling author, or TV star. But Karen Martinez is a truly special human being, and that is why she is our guest on this episode of The Lean to the Left Podcast.

For many years, Karen was a foster mom, taking care of other peoples’ kids she’s worked with the biological parents of those kids, too, so they could finally care for their children themselves. And she did this while holding down a fulltime job and being a mom and a wife in her own life.

But one day things changed for Karen and her husband, Gonzo. They adopted one of their foster children as their own, and now they are full-time parents once again of a little boy named Brantley.

Asked to offer advice to potential foster parents, Karen said, “I think they should not think about the work that’s involved, and only think about opening their hearts to a child who needs it and possibly a parent who needs it. If you have something to share, then why not share it with a little guy that’s willing to take it in. Why not? Instead of “why?” I think it should be “why not?”

“Just do it,” she adds. “You’re being given a message to go on this journey for a reason. It’s not for you to debate every little branch or stick or rock or thing you have to cross…if you have the desire to help, then go help.”

Fostering, apparently is in Karen’s DNA because she’s at it again. Only this time, it’s for dogs.

Here’s the story. Take a listen.

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