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Gay Pride: Looking for the Joy

June is Gay Pride Month and so I thought it would be great to bring back one of my favorite previous guests, Jeff Batton, author of Grinnin’ Like a Jackass Eatin’ Briars.

Jeff first was our guest on Lean to the Left on January 12, during which he discussed his memoir, which details a lifelong struggle with homosexuality, a struggle that prompted him to become a missionary serving the poor and even to get married and have kids.

His journey took him to a point where he decided that somehow if he suffered, he would heal and become whole. So, he took his wife and three children to London and Hong Kong, where they lived in the poorest of neighborhoods and, serving as missionaries, worked to help the poor.

Jeff recounts how in London he became famous among the city's prostitutes as he and his wife welcomed them into their home for a respite from their labors, fed them, cared for them, before they returned to the streets.

In this new episode, Jeff discusses all of this as he reveals how he came to recognize and accept his truth. He shares that with us today.

Listen to the podcast:

To view the entire interview, click on the image at the top of the story.

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