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Happy Halloween from Sundance & Not Fake News

Literally hundreds of kids and their parents visited us last night "Trick or Treating" in colorful and imaginative costumes; one as young as two, and a father and son each dressed identically like some sort of super hero that I frankly did not recognize.

But the star of the show, featured in this special Halloween episode of The Bob & Jackie Show, was Sundance, our 12-year-old Red Husky.

Kid after kid asked to pet Sundance. "Oh, he's so fluffy," many said. "He looks like a werewolf," said another. "He reminds me of a dog I used to have," said a dad who brought his small son and scrolled through the pictures on his phone to show me.

Sundance loves attention and he loves kids. As they fussed over him, he simply laid there, seeming to enjoy it all. And then, as a treat, he chewed on a dried pigs ear (he loves them).

So instead of writing about impeachment and all that other heavy duty stuff last night, I worked on this little video, which is finally ready,

Hope you like it.

Hope you had as much fun on Halloween as we did!

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Thank you!


Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Nov 02, 2019 did a great job of helping us when we first got Sundance. Thanks!


How lovely and how wonderful for Sundance!

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