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Helping Black Men Navigate Life's Challenges

Our Lean to the Left Podcast guest is Martin Henson, executive director of the BMEN Foundation whose mission is to mobilize and support all Black men and address issues many confront every day.

Based in Boston, BMEN was established as a response to the “Me Too” movement as increasing numbers of women came forward to reveal instances of sexual abuse against them. But it’s grown far beyond that, with counseling sessions to help Black men who face stigma and other life challenges.

Our interview with Henson explores all of that and also his views about Republican efforts to restrict voting that are aimed at minority voters and the failure of Congress to enact voting reforms.

However, Henson is quick to caution listeners not to judge President Biden too harshly, pointing out the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump.

Here are some of the questions we explore in the episode with Martin Henson:

  • Some of the key areas identified on your website include addressing stigma, education and advocacy, collaboration, problem solving, respect and community. Tell us about what you’re doing in these areas – and why they’re important.

  • The website says BMEN is an “inclusive group” – what does that mean?

  • What services and activities do you provide?

  • Is the foundation politically active?

  • Foundation implies funding – where does your funding come from?

  • What are your overall goals and objectives?

  • What are your thoughts about the voting restrictions being enacted in response to Trump’s “Big Lie” about the election?

  • What is your reaction to the failure of Congress – and specifically Biden and the Democrats – to get voting reform legislation passed and signed into law?

Listen to the interview:

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