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Helping the Public Raise its Voice

Kiki Jamieson, of The Fund for New Jersey, is interviewed by Bob Gatty (upper right) and former NJ Gov. Jim Florio.

In this episode of NFN Radio News, former New Jersey Governor Jim Florio and host Bob Gatty speak with Kiki Jamieson, president of The Fund for New Jersey, which supports good public policy decision-making on the issues most important to the people of the state and the region.

Non-profit organizations across the nation play increasingly important roles with respect to the development of public policy, and Dr. Jamieson’s organization is no exception. We discuss with her why that is and how organizations like The Fund for New Jersey play such a valuable role in informing our citizens.

Then, we hone in on several key issues like climate change, immigration and school funding, in which Dr. Jamieson and The Fund for New Jersey been involved. The non-profit organization's mission is to help educate voters about such important issues so they can make informed decisions.

The Trustees of The Fund for New Jersey awarded $823,000 in grants to eleven nonprofit organizations at their March 2021 quarterly Board meeting. Grants were awarded to organizations in the areas of environmental justice, immigration, housing, and public media.

"The Fund for New Jersey works to improve the quality of public policy decision-making on the most significant issues affecting the people of New Jersey and our region," Dr. Jamieson explains. "For 50 years, The Fund has supported organizations and initiatives that advance systemic and sustainable solutions to public problems through the work of policy, advocacy, analysis, and organizing."

Take a listen to "Helping the Public Raise its Voice."

Editor's Note: Gov. Florio has joined the NFN Radio News podcast as bi-weekly co-host since the Tempo and the Times podcast, which had been co-hosted by Bob Gatty and Scott Ramminger, has been discontinued.

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