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History Made; Now Let's Get to Work

In war, troops assemble in the brush following intelligence reports, scouts wait on hilltops relaying information and officers assemble in secret rooms plotting attack strategy.

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his vice- presidential running mate and now the attack is on, an attack that will be outlined as the Democratic National Convention unfolds this week.

History was nearly made in 2016 when Hillary Clinton would have been the first woman president. While history was made in 2008 with our first Black president, let us celebrate and support our vice-presidential pick, Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

Already, Donald Trump is on the offensive with his tweet calling her the kind of candidate everyone dreams of.

If anyone has followed Trump’s comments, he usually lies and is actually expressing the opposite. He went on to call her disrespectful and nasty, yet weeks earlier called her a “fine choice” for VP. Of course, he also donated up to $6,000 to her campaign as Attorney General in 2011 and 2013, so what does Trump honestly think?

Why is Trump and Fox News so quick to pounce on a VP selection? It’s obvious that polls are one reason, but what about not having a second term Agenda? MSNBC chronicled how interviewers including Fox News have given Trump four tries at explaining his goals and he has failed every time.

Trump offers nothing for the future of this country. He will sling mud until November 3rd. As of now Kamala and Mike Pence will debate in October, and that might the most civil part of this campaign. Now, the convention should provide a bump in poll numbers that already show Biden/Harris to hold a commanding lead.

But there is a lot of work ahead for Democrats.

With all the praise coming in for a Harris vice-presidency and Trump immediately tweeting, perhaps he is on the defensive. Whenever Trump goes on a rampage it generally means someone or something has struck a nerve.

Has Biden/Harris done that?

Let us continue the celebration, and rightly so, but ignore the polls and stick to the task at hand because we don’t know who or what is waiting out there in the weeds.

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1 Comment

I am thrilled he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate. She will talk circles around Trump in a very refined manner. I have a friend who is a prosecutor who believes that because of her background, Harris will be nothing short of directly profound in any debate. I am looking forward.

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