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How Can EVs Improve Health?

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Replacing gas-powered vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs) could dramatically reduce respiratory ailments caused by outdoor air pollution.

During the early years of life, the human brain undergoes significant development and the environment is vital in helping to shape a child’s future.


Today, our cars, as well as trucks and busses, are the largest contributor to harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S and children growing up in urban areas, especially, are vulnerable.


In fact, outdoor air pollution, much of it caused by transportation, has caused 4.5 million deaths as fully half of Americans live in areas that don't need federal air quality standards, and children in those areas are 3.7 times more likely to live in the most polluted areas, with 4.5 million kids suffering from childhood asthma.

So How Can EVs Improve Health?

Kate Harrison, an expert on electric vehicles and co-founder and Head of Marketing at MoveEV, says that increased use of electric vehicles would dramatically reduce those figures. In fact, she estimates that if all new cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs sold by 2035 were electric vehicles using green energy there would be:

  • 89,300 fewer premature deaths

  • 2 million fewer asthma attacks

  • 10.7 million fewer lost work days

  • $978 billion in public health savings

MoveEV is an AI-backed EV transition company that helps organizations convert fleet employee-owned gas vehicles to electric, and then reimburse for charging at home. So, how can EVs improve health?

Here are some key issues discussed with Kate on the Lean to the Left podcast:

  • How would the adoption of electric vehicles on a large scale both improve the environment, and people’s health?

  • How does early childhood toxic emission harm kids, especially those in non-White communities?

  • What is the evidence that replacing gas-powered vehicles with EVs really makes a difference?

  • What actions can cities take to improve the quality of air?

  • Are there enough charging stations? Do you envision the time when we can go to the local c-store and charge-up instead of fill-up?

  • What about battery life?

  • Doesn’t the basic act of charging a car result in higher greenhouse gases for the production of that electricity?

  • How does your company help communities that want to power-up their EV capabilities?

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