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Hurricane Dorian Sideswipes Myrtle Beach

Today was the day that Hurricane Dorian, at Category 3 strength, sideswiped Myrtle Beach, SC, but I’m happy to report that the impact of this storm was far less than it could have been.

While we had winds, probably in the 40 to 50 mph range, our home and most of those in our community suffered no damage--even though there were some scary moments.

We woke up to reports of tornadoes popping up all around us, and there was some minor damage reported, such as tree limbs down and shingles and siding blown off homes. One unlucky person suffered severe damage to their mobile home as a big tree crashed into it.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was @JeepWatch2019, which went viral on Twitter. Some guy in a red jeep decided to drive along the surf and got stuck. All day long people watched to see what would happen and were glued to various live video feeds. One TV station stuck it out, despite repeated battery failures.

At high tide, it looked like the car might be swept into the ocean. But as of late afternoon, it was still there as the tide receded and it still remained. It made the national news, and that guy must feel like an idiot.

Check out the video above for an on-the-scene report from Not Fake News.

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1 Comment

So happy to learn that you and yours made it through the storm safely! The guy in the Jeep is an idiot! Who takes these risks??

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