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If Trump Wins in November, Blame the Democrats

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With the election less than 130 days away the Democratic Party has failed to effectively support Joe Biden, the candidate they chose in the primary elections because of a single debate performance.

If Donald Trump wins the election in November the blame rests solely with the Democratic Party. Don’t blame the candidate no matter who ends up on the ticket. 

The Democrats had a job to do, choose a candidate during the primaries (which they did) and from there circle the wagons and remain steadfastly loyal to their choice. They didn’t carry out their responsibilities and because of that they have jeopardized the election, leaving us all exposed to life in an autocracy and Project 25.

With the election less than 130 days away the Democratic Party has fallen apart. Imagine a party divided at this late date in the campaign. They have failed to support the candidate they chose to run for the highest office in the land because his performance at a single debate made some of them “uncomfortable.”  

Are we to believe that one debate after three and a half years of performing as an outstanding president is the cause of this turmoil?

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, became the first sitting Democrat in Congress to call for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race,  So, did Doggett first become concerned about Biden’s ability to beat Trump based on the debate?  If that is true, then he must have been fine with him prior to that event.

As more and more Democrats decided to follow Doggett’s lead and come forth to ask Biden to step down, the “one debate performance” as the reason began to emerge as pretty slim evidence that he shouldn’t carry on. That caused a few to confess that they have been worried about his abilities for some time before the debate.

So their  apparent plan was  to keep serious concerns to themselves during the period of the primaries, maybe send someone in to run against Joe whose name no one recognized,  (Jason Perry) and who has never held office before. Was that so the big reveal could happen three months before the election? 

The Republicans are running snippets of Democrat’s statements against Biden on their networks. Trump’s people  don’t have to come up with a platform for their campaign against the Democratic candidate because our party provides all the material they need to win. Of course they’re doing that! 


 The Democrats are spending air time raising questions about Biden’s ability to focus during the debate, yet Trump can’t focus on a simple question presented to him in any venue. He lies and he meanders from one topic to another with no coherence, but his party has his back. They gloss over their chosen one’s performance and aim all of their comments at Biden.

The question most people want to know is if we’re abandoning Joe, then who is going to save us from Donald Trump and his planned autocracy?  There’s talk about the fact that all of the money raised by the Biden/Harris ticket has to be used by at least one of those candidates. Some are suggesting that this is not a problem -- just switch the order of the names on the ballots.

What is the likelihood of electing the first woman to the presidency in the history of our country during these chaotic and troubling times?

We are in trouble in this election. Not because of Joe Biden’s debate performance, and not because of his age. We are in trouble because our Democratic party can’t get it together, and if they do temporarily, they can’t keep it together. Too many of them just don’t get the big picture because if they did they would not be playing with candidates in this most-important election.

Instead of whining about Joe, they need to be out campaigning for him. If he gets tired easily, then take up the slack for him. Get him in and if he can’t complete his term, we have a very capable vice president in Kamala Harris to take over. This isn’t rocket science and if we lose this election it is the fault of the Democratic Party and not the candidate.



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