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In Other News...

While the the impeachment trial of Donald J Trump continues, the world moves on. It's not the only tragedy that faces mankind.

A highly communicable virus, the corona virus has resulted in a a growing death toll and stock market shake-up. Iran and North Korea continue to threaten world peace and an earthquake has killed at least eight people in Turkey.

While the corona virus is not new, this particular strain is a more virulent form, resulting in various illnesses, ranging from the common cold to pneumonia, in over 800 people, with 26 confirmed deaths.

Fear of a worldwide pandemic, similar to the Spanish flu of one hundred years ago, has led to quarantines, travel restrictions and panic. This has caused the stock market to lose ground as fears thatf an economic slow-down caused by spread of the disease could harm the already fragile relationship between the United States and China.

Meanwhile, there is continuing backlash from the assassination of Iranian diplomat Qasem Soleimani, as it has been revealed 34 American soldiers have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iran’s retaliatory strike American-occupied bases is in Iraq.

This is in direct contrast to Trump’s assertion that “All is well” and that no American servicemen were injured. Iran has threatened to follow-up this attack with increased cyber attacks while ramping up its once dormant nuclear weapons programs now that the Trump administration has abandoned the Obama-negotiated nuclear deal with that country.

Meanwhile, North Korea has declared it will continue to enhance its own nuclear weapons program, as promised talks with the Trump administration failed to materialize. This has resulted in worldwide panic as the threat of a nuclear confrontation grows greater by the day.

In Turkey, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries as Mother Nature sends a not-so-gentle reminder that we are mere mortals. Aftershocks, like those that continue to rock Puerto Rico will be an on-going threat for weeks to come.

Climate change, the Davos Conference and Australian wildfires, all interconnected, have gone virtually unnoticed as we are transfixed on the impeachment trial.

Despite this, the world moves on.

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Incredible isn't it? So much chaos and everyone just continues with their daily lives. I feel emotionally exhausted watching the impeachment trial and life is a little surreal.

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