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In the Eye of the CRT Storm: Educators Speak Out

Holland, Waldron, Gatty on Lean to the Left podcast.
South Carolina college professors Jeremy Holland (upper left) and Chris Waldron (center) discuss efforts to censor academic discussion on the Lean to the Left Podcast with host Bob Gatty.

Last month former President Donald Trump urged his supporters to “lay down their lives” to fight against critical race theory, as he worked to whip up support for what probably will be an attempt to regain the White House.

Using CRT, the study of institutional racism in the legal system, as a whipping boy is a favorite ploy of right-wing Republicans trying to control what can be taught in public schools across the nation…attempting to prohibit teachers from telling the truth about the role racism has played in our country’s history.

On the Lean to the Left podcast, two college professors from South Carolina discuss this controversy and its role in public discourse today. In South Carolina, they are in the eye of the storm.

Jeremy Holland is a sociology professor at Horry-Georgetown Technical College. His research interests include social movements, economics, discourse analysis, and political ideology.

Chris Waldron is an adjunct English professor at Horry-Georgetown Tech, and for almost 30 years he was an English and Special Education teacher in Schenectady, NY.

On the podcast, these educators warn of the dangers of censoring academic discussion of controversial contemporary social issues, and the implications of political interference on teachers' ability to effectively do their jobs.

Both Jeremy and Chris are frequent contributors to the Lean to the blog.

Listen to the discussion

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Somehow the government has withheld the truth about many things and how can we effectively create much needed changes without knowing the truth. How can anyone think this is right? The reasons that have been provided are senseless.

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