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In the Shadows: Domestic Abuse

As we commemorate Women’s History Month, the Lean to the Left Podcast is presenting the first of several guests to mark that occasion -- women who may be unheralded and not all that famous, but who are making significant contributions to society.

Today’s guest is Donna Wayles, a teacher, author, speaker, and domestic violence survivor who’s written a new book, “I’ll Pray for You, A Christian Woman’s Guide to Surviving Domestic Violence.”

Donna teaches technology and pre-engineering at a Title 1 middle school. She coached an award-winning cybersecurity team until Covid lockdowns and immigration issues put the team on hold.

She shares with us why her ultra-conservative views have moderated a good deal because of her experiences as a teacher of sixth, seventh and eighth graders, mostly from low income families.

She also offers advice to women who are in abusive domestic relationships, abuse, she says that "happens in the shadows."

Her advice to those who would like to see less division in our society: "Just be kind and make your part of the world a better place."

Here are some questions Donna covers in the episode:

1.Tell us about your book and where the name came from.

2.Why did you write it?

3.Were you afraid your husband would retaliate?

4.You indicated that you’ve become more moderate…less conservative…in your political views. Why?

5.What problems did you encounter as an educator?

6.You indicated that you’d also like to discuss immigration. From what standpoint?

7.Did the presidency of Donald Trump affect your political views?

8.What message would you like to express to women who are in abusive domestic situations?

9.What resources are available to those who might be in trouble?

10.How can people get your book?

Listen to the interview:

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