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Did Trump Deliberately Try to End Democracy?

Donald Trump blasting Democrats
Was Donald Trump’s theft of top secret documents part of a conspiracy to end democracy and establish an oligarchy, with him as its leader?

Whether you still support Donald Trump or cringe at the foul mention of his name, you must, at long last, know who and what he is. Hillary Clinton once said: “believe him the first time.” I do.

Donald Trump has proven, time and again, that he is a criminal. From sexual assault, paying women for sex and silence, discriminating against minority rental applicants, establishing a phony “university,” falsifying loan documents, cheating on his taxes, extorting a foreign government, breaking treaties, misappropriating foundation funds, inciting an insurrection, all the way to espionage (stealing public documents and taking them “home.”), Donald Trump is a criminal.

According to a recent article in the Daily Kos, Trump’s theft of top secret documents was part of a larger conspiracy to end democracy as we know it and establish an oligarchy, installing him as our fearless leader. Think that’s farfetched? Not possible? Think again.

The evidence is mounting that Trump lied to the FBI, deliberately absconded with the documents, kept his actions secret from all but his co-conspirators, and did so to establish himself as the Putin-type president of an autocratic nation.

Naturally, the law & order party, the Republican Party, had much to say about his lawlessness. Republicans declared him unfit to hold future office, right? Wrong! The Party’s latest excuse for Trump’s illegal behavior is that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was “the same thing.” She escaped punishment, so why not Trump?

Sounds fair to a Trump supporter, right? After all, Hillary Clinton is red meat to those who still back Trump. However, as the Daily Kos reports, three emails out of over 50,000 on the private Clinton server were found to have once been classified, and none had to do with national security.

Clinton was negligent and careless; she did not act with criminal intent. The evidence demonstrated that she mistakenly (foolishly) answered three emails using the wrong account. In contrast, Trump’s actions were 100 percent deliberate. The citizens of this country foolishly gave a well-known criminal the power to commit more serious crimes. Is it any wonder that he carried them out? Do we doubt that this narcissist would do anything to stay in power?

Remember, Trump established a pattern of appointing “acting” department heads to his Cabinet and other administration departments, avoiding the usual and required congressional seal of approval. This way, he could appoint people to do his bidding.

A perfect example of this practice is the appointment of “acting” Defense Secretary Chris Miller, who famously rendered the military powerless to prevent the January 6th violence by issuing a series of orders that prevented it from defending the Capitol and our democracy. Recently, various investigations into January 6th revealed that all phones (calls and texts) of those involved in issuing and implementing those orders (Miller and his cronies) were wiped clean. Do innocent people do that?

The Daily Kos speculates that Trump’s proposed oligarchy would require the support of governments like the one he seeks to create for himself. Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, and Turkey are cited examples. Far-fetched, you say? Not possible? I repeat, when someone tells you he is a dangerous criminal, believe him the first time.

We know that the affidavit in support of the government’s search warrant was heavily redacted. Why? To protect numerous witnesses who will, apparently, testify to Trump’s nefarious conduct and intent. Is it a stretch to conclude that these documents provide evidence that the former POTUS intended to betray his country?

We’ve seen this all before. The playbook is consistent with the former president’s attack on Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with the Russians. “Fake news!” “Witch hunt!” Trump and his cronies will now shout as they do anything and everything to thwart the investigation.

Obstruction of Justice is one of Trump’s most frequently committed crimes. These multiple incidents, in isolation, may not shock you, but the compilation of incidents and the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s intent is startling. Richard Nixon was a crook and Bill Clinton a liar, but until Donald Trump, we have never had a president commit crimes to undermine democracy, maintain and consolidate power. Multiple Trump administration officials were released or reassigned for the sin of trying to stop him.

Enough is enough. The Republican Party needs to take the political hit on the altar of democracy and national security. Trump’s cozy relationships with evil empires and their leaders should trouble any right-thinking or right-leaning American citizen. His campaign support for local election-deniers is a dangerous threat to our democracy. Trump’s controversial and, yes, criminal behavior would be a deal-breaker for almost any other politician.

Let’s be clear. January 6th was an attempt, planned by and cheerled by a recently ousted leader for the purpose of overthrowing the duly elected government of the United States of America. While these are the worst of his crimes, they are only a few of many.

It is time for America to move on from Trump and leave his fate to the criminal justice system. The two-party system is an important check and balance for our government. I am not advocating for any political ideology. This is not an “anti-right” article. It is an “anti-Trump” article. Simply stated, I don’t want a criminal narcissist who puts personal interests and power ahead of his service to our country.

Do you?


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