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It is What it Is Until it Isn't

Michelle Obama ripped Donald Trump a new one last night when she said he was the "wrong president' for America who is "in over his head...cannot meet this moment," but "it is what it is."

She was tossing back to Trump the words he used when describing the thousands of tragic deaths that have occurred from the coronavirus pandemic. It was a not-so-subtle dis that clearly irked the ego-in-chief no end.

"“If you take one thing from my words tonight, it is this: If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can, and they will if we don't make a change in this election. If we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it,” Obama said.

Well, today, Trump just couldn't take it, so he hit Twitter again with a vengeance.

"Somebody please explain to @MichelleObama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama. Biden was merely an afterthought, a good reason for that very late & unenthusiastic endorsement.....

"....My Administration and I built the greatest economy in history, of any country, turned it off, saved millions of lives, and now am building an even greater economy than it was before. Jobs are flowing, NASDAQ is already at a record high, the rest to follow. Sit back & watch!"

Trump is correct. He would not be in the White House today if it were not for Barack Obama, not because of the job Obama did, but because of the racial hatred that Trump whipped up during his 2016 campaign that resulted in his core base of White supremacists putting him over the top in states that won him the Electoral College vote.

And it is Trump's hateful record, his despicable actions that have divided the nation so severely, his inept response to the coronavirus pandemic, that will send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House in November.

Trump also criticized the former First Lady for prerecording her speech, evident because she said Covid 19 deaths had reached 150,000, while the current number exceeds 170,000. Yep, Trump, actually thought the fact that 20,000 more people have died because of his stupidity somehow works in his favor.

The Mail Fiasco

Trump has been trying to sow doubts and fear about voting by mail, even to the point of putting one of his billionaire pals in charge of the U.S. Postal Service and slowing the mail down, despite the human implications of such actions.

He could care less about the people who need their prescriptions or their checks in the mail. His only concern is protecting his fat behind so he can return to the White House -- our White House -- for another four years. And he thinks he needs another four years on top of that.

Well, his Postal Service scam isn't working. The uproar that spread across the nation, in Republican and Democratic communities and states alike, has prompted Congress to call in that new Postmaster General dude, Louis DeJoy, for a hearing where he can expect to be thoroughly eviscerated.

So, today, he announced that the jig is up, that his Postal Service slowdown will be "suspended", that the election ballots will arrive and be delivered on time, and everything will be good.

As The Washington Post reported, DeJoy said retail hours would not be changed, neither mail-sorting machines nor blue mailboxes would be removed, no mail-processing facilities would be closed, and overtime will be available as needed.

That just proves that when the people rise up, anything can happen.

That's why Trump's goose is cooked. It is what it is.

November 3.

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1 Comment

I love this-so well written!! It is good to see them pushing back!

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