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Lean to the Left Exceeds 2000 Blogs Since Launch as Answer to Trump

Lean to the Left 2000 episode award
The Lean to the Left blog site has now published 2002 articles since its 2017 launch.

Lean to the Left has just exceeded 2,000 blogs since being launched as an answer to Donald Trump's vindictive labeling of the news media as "the enemy of the people."

Originally launched in early 2017 as Not Fake News, the Lean to the Left blog's initial mission was to call out Donald Trump for his lies, especially regarding the news media. That mission continues, even with Trump's ouster from the Presidency as he and his Republican sycophants threaten our democracy.


The site has evolved as we've broadened our commentary regarding important social issues by a great team of contributing writers. You can check them out here.

In addition, our Lean to the Left podcast presents twice-weekly interviews with fascinating, smart, and insightful guests. Some are newsmakers and experts in their field; others simply have interesting stories to tell. But all offer something from which we can learn.


Those audio podcasts also are streamed on YouTube, often in both audio and video formats. It takes a lot of work as there is no staff to help with this undertaking, except, of course, for our contributing writers. But the website postings and maintenance, the podcasts, and videos, all are created and produced by Lean to the Left founder and editor Bob Gatty. This is his passion now that he's "retired."

Hijacked Nation book cover

In 2020, Gatty and LTL contributing author C.J. (Chris) Waldron authored Hijacked Nation, Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness, a two volume collection of blogs about key political developments in the Trump presidency until that time. Many of the articles included in Hijacked Nation were written by other contributing writers, including Stacy Fitzgerald, Stephen Hamelman, Susan Hutchinson, and Stacy Pearman. Stacy's husband, Michael, created the book cover.

Waldron continues to contribute outstanding articles to the Lean to the Left blog site as does civil justice advocate and attorney, award-winning author Mark M. Bello, who draws upon 42 years of courtroom experience, a passion for justice, and a captivating creative writing style. We are proud to present Mark's contributions to our readers.

What's ahead? More of the same, so stay with us.

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