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Learning Life Lessons from Our Pets

Have you ever wondered why your dog or cat seems to know when you’re having a bad day? Why is it that my pup is so comforting when things are going sideways? Is it part of their DNA?

Our podcast guest today is Bill Robertson, author of a new book, "Uncle Bill's Animal Tales - Life Lessons for Adults", which is about his experiences with animals and how he feels they are our greatest teachers & healers. He shares with us his experiences about learning life lessons from our pets.

Bill heard from a psychic in Ghana, years back, who believed that the pecking order of consciousness on the planet is 1. Trees, 2. Animals, and 3. Human Beings. Why is Number 3 constantly trying to overtake 1 & 2?

In 1997 Bill got clean & sober, and on the show, he tells about how his cat helped him to wake-up and put down the drugs & booze, and that his two dogs since then have helped keep him sober.

Bill is from Boston originally where he worked in corporate America for many years, and ran a sketch comedy show out of Boston & NY called “Heavily Medicated Fairy Tales.” He has written for a kids’ show on PBS, sold two scripts to Lifetime, and wrote and produced a feature film, “Paradise, a Town of Sinners & Saints” based on a musical comedy that he produced in LA and Austin, TX to rave reviews and sold-out houses.

Also on the show, Bill reveals what it was like to come out as gay to his family, friends, and co-workers, and offers advice to those facing similar challenges. Here's a quick clip of part of that conversation:

Here are some questions we discussed with Bill about learning life lessons from our pets:

Q. The subject of your book is fascinating. What was going on in your life before your cat and dogs intervened?

Q. You write in the promo copy for your book on Amazon that animals can be our best healers and teachers. Exactly what did they do to help you get clean and sober?

Q. How can our listeners recognize their connection with animals in the home, and in nature as well?

Q. Do you have any advice for people who do not have pets in their home, but are dealing with stress and anxiety, or challenges to overcome, as you did with alcohol and drugs?

Q. Where did the “Uncle Bill” come from in the book’s title?

Q. You had a career in corporate America before aging out when you turned 60. Exactly what did you do?

Q. After you retired from your job, you quickly shifted to focusing on the arts – film, theatre, writing…how did you do that?

Q. On your Facebook page, you posted this quote: “Living life to the fullest is taking chances, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and knowing that it’s all part of the journey for the greater good.” Please explain that.

Q. There’s also a great pic of you and Tucker. Who is Tucker? What’s he mean to you?

Q. Who was Sophie? On Facebook, you say she was one of the reasons you wrote your book.

Q. You recently appeared on a podcast that was billed as “How to Never Stop Being Yourself, Unapologetic Coming Out Expert.” Can you talk about your “coming out” experience?

Q. Advice for others facing the same situation?

Q. Are the challenges facing the queer community worsening these days, and if so, why?

Q. You have a new book in the works. Can you tell us about that?

Q. Where can people find your books and how can they connect with you?

Listen to the podcast:

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