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Trump: Making the Grade

Donald Trump gave himself an A+ when he was asked about how he felt he’s handled the coronavirus pandemic. This elicited shocked responses from many across the land, but it should come as no surprise. When asked the same question back in March of this year, Trump gave himself a 10 out of 10.

Of course, he did.

We have just passed 200,000 deaths, yet Trump continues to insist he’s doing a phenomenal job, ignoring the facts. He is making baseless claims and the only ones to believe him are those in his base.

Echoing the words of the Meghan Trainor song, to Trump, it is really all about the base. That’s why he believes he is doing so well when it comes to the coronavirus. His base gives him undying adoration and he feeds off it by painting a rosy picture of the pandemic.

His base gathers en masse, without masks, because he tells them it’s safe to do so. They stand, shoulder to shoulder as they cheered their messiah. He convinces them they are immune to the virus by saying the virus affects virtually nobody. In way of explanation, Trump erroneously suggested that those under 18 could ignore the guidelines meant to prevent the spread, stating the virus mainly attacks the elderly.

This isn’t the first time Trump attempted to minimize the over 200,000 deaths. At a recent press conference, he blamed the high rate on blue states, indicating that his followers need not worry about being infected. He stated that, if we simply ignore the “blue states”, he’s doing a great job!

So, if you ignore the elderly and those who live in states run by Democrats, Trump is doing great?!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the president talking. Except, he doesn’t want to be President of the United States. He wants to be president for only those who support him.

This is NOT the oath he took when he assumed office and should be valid justification for not supporting his re-election. To pander to supporters and spread misinformation about a deadly virus while effectively ignoring the deaths of those who didn’t vote for him is tantamount to genocide.

And yet his loyal followers will continue to rally around him. They will continue to believe the lies. They will continue to spread misinformation. And yes, they will continue to show their support at the ballot box. It is a danger to Democracy and the American way of life, which is why voting is so important, especially in this election.

November 3.

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