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Mal Hyman's Congressional Bid: A Beacon of Hope for South Carolina's 7th District

Updated: Jun 6

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A Beacon of Hope

As South Carolina's 7th Congressional District faces another crucial election, Democrat Mal Hyman aims to bring change, progress, and a unifying spirit to this solidly Republican stronghold.

Hyman, with his campaign theme "Common Sense for the Common Good," with a primary election win June 11, will challenge incumbent Russell Frye, a MAGA Republican, with a vision rooted in empathy and action for working people and families.

Speaking on the Lean to the Left podcast, Hyman shared his plans, thoughts on pressing national issues, and his commitment to restoring dignity and progress in American politics, reflecting a beacon of hope for SC's 7th District.


A Champion for the Common Good

 Hyman's platform is centered around the issues that affect everyday people the most. From jobs and living wages to health care, child care, education, reproductive rights, and environmental protection, Hyman promises to fight for progress on all fronts.

With 50 years of teaching experience, including 37 at Coker University, Hyman brings a lifetime of hard work and firsthand understanding of the challenges facing working people today.


Trump and the State of American Democracy

 The conversation naturally gravitates towards Donald Trump and his influence on American politics. Hyman discusses Trump's criminal charges, his impact on the legal system, and the danger he poses should he return to the White House.

"He's willing to throw the entire legal system under the bus to save himself, and the sycophants in the Republican Party are willing to do the same," Hyman asserts. He emphasizes the unprecedented threat Trump represents to democracy, highlighting the importance of democratic values, dignity, and the rule of law.


Economic Realities and Political Narratives

 The economy, a battleground for political narratives, is another area where Hyman sees significant distortion.

Despite notable improvements under the Biden administration—such as 15 million new jobs, record-low unemployment, and rising stock markets—many Americans continue to live paycheck to paycheck and believe the economy is in trouble.

Hyman attributes this to ignorance about the economy prompted by Trump's intense misinformation campaigns, particularly weaponized by his Republican supporters. Hyman argues for a need to effectively communicate these successes to the public and address underlying economic issues such as affordable health care and child care.


Restoring Reproductive Rights and Facing Radical Hypocrisy

 With reproductive rights under attack, particularly following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, Hyman makes a compelling case for legislative action to restore these freedoms.

He criticizes the hypocrisy of Republicans who claim to value life, but fail to support measures that protect children's well-being post-birth. Hyman calls for respect for personal freedoms and detailed the long-term strategy employed by the radical right to undermine these rights through judicial appointments.


Gun Control and Public Safety

 Addressing the epidemic of gun violence, Hyman stands firm on the need for common sense gun control measures, supported even by municipal police chiefs nationwide.

He decries the radical positions that have prevented meaningful legislation for over 40 years, despite the ongoing crisis of mass shootings. Hyman sees the need for additional measures to ensure gun safety and control violence, emphasizing the importance of creating secure environments for children.


Immigration Reform: A Call for Compromise and Sanity

 Hyman discusses the demagoguery surrounding immigration, particularly the false narratives perpetuated by Trump and his supporters.

Highlighting his personal encounters with hardworking undocumented immigrants, Hyman makes a strong case for a fair and reasonable immigration policy—one that has been continually blocked by Republicans for political gain.

He calls for bipartisan efforts to create comprehensive immigration reform that balances enforcement with compassion.


Campaign Finance Reform: Restoring Democracy from Corporate Influence

 Refusing to take corporate money for his campaign, Hyman underscores the urgent need for campaign finance reform.

He criticizes the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which has turned elections into auctions, flooding campaigns with undisclosed, often foreign money.

Pointing out the ethical lapses of the current Supreme Court, Hyman advocates for stricter regulations to reduce the influence of money in politics and restore democracy.


Social Security, Medicare, and Protecting Seniors

 In a district with a significant senior population, Hyman prioritizes strengthening Social Security and Medicare. He proposes eliminating the tax cap on earnings and adjusting benefits to better support low-income earners.

Hyman also advocates for a gradual increase in payroll taxes to ensure long-term solvency of these essential programs, arguing that these measures will bolster economic stability and dignity for seniors.


Climate Change: Confronting a Global Crisis

 On environmental issues, Hyman stresses the existential threat of climate change. He calls for America to lead in creating sustainable energy solutions, modernizing the electrical grid, and addressing the impact of climate change on national security.

Criticizing Trump's climate change denial and ties to fossil fuel industries, Hyman emphasizes the critical need for science-driven policies to mitigate this global crisis.


Education: A Pathway to Economic Security

 As a college professor, Hyman is particularly passionate about education reform. He advocates for making technical and community college free and significantly reducing the cost of public college education.

Highlighting the economic and social benefits of better-educated citizens, Hyman argues that investing in education is essential for global competitiveness and restoring the American Dream.


A Call for Civil Discourse and Action

During the interview, Hyman emphasizes the need for civil discourse and unity in a divided nation. He pledges to hold town hall meetings if elected, fostering discussions and addressing constituents' concerns.

"Everything sacred is on the ballot this time," Hyman affirms, urging voters to recognize the stakes of the upcoming election and engage actively in the democratic process.


Mal Hyman's campaign for Congress represents a profound commitment to progress, empathy, and a return to democratic values. His policies address the core issues facing Americans, promising a future where government works for the common good.

Looking towards the election, Hyman's message is clear: it's time for common sense solutions and a government that reflects the dignity and aspirations of all its people.

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