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Mueller the Meek

We needed a tiger but we got a pussycat. Despite the fact that any other person would have been charged with a crime, Robert Mueller refused to pursue charges against Donald Trump for multiple crimes related to the 2016 election campaign.

Instead, he hid behind legalese and a Department of Justice “rule” that prevents them from indicting a sitting president, thereby providing a free pass to more illegal activities.

Republicans, in particular Donald Trump, are claiming victory while most Democrats are saying that they want the people to decide by their votes in the 2020 election.

This seems like a poor response, considering that the prior election is the reason behind the current series of investigations. It’s like getting a flat tire and replacing it with another flat tire. This is especially concerning since Republicans, in particular Mitch McConnell, are refusing to pass legislation to prevent further election interference in the upcoming elections.

So, what’s behind Mueller’s timid approach? True, he has obtained multiple guilty pleas and even convictions related to the 2016 campaign, but while he’s captured some big fish, the REALLY big one is getting away. If Mueller had truly done his job, Trump would be out of office and behind bars, yet he continues to Tweet away from his gold commode.

Democrats are saying the Mueller report has laid the seeds for impeachment, but realize they will face a losing battle, and indeed embolden Trump and his base, because the Republican controlled Senate will never vote to put Trump on trial.

With Mueller refusing to pull the trigger, the concept of impeachment being a dead end and an election that threatens to be a repeat of the 2016 campaign, what are we to do?

The answer may lie in Puerto Rico. After days of protests, their governor has been forced to resign over leaked conversations that were deemed offensive. What if we took to the streets to demand justice?

Sadly, Trump has said equally offensive things openly, so this also doesn’t seem to be an answer.

I truly hoped that Mueller would deliver a fatal blow, but instead we got a swing and a miss. Instead of a victor, we heard from Mueller the Meek.

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1 Comment

I think many people are afraid of the president. Let''s take to the streets!

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