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Musician Susan Anders Launches our Tempo and the Times Podcast

The first episode of our Tempo and the Times podcast featuring an interview with singer/songwriter Susan Anders and her new album, 13 Women, honoring Women's History Month, is now available on Spreaker and other major podcast platforms.

In the episode, Anders shares with co-host Scott Ramminger and me her journey as a musician and the genesis behind her latest album -- her ninth. Not surprisingly, the presidency of Donald Trump had a lot to do with inspiring this latest work.

She talks about the stories behind the songs on her album, which honor 13 notable women from history. It's funny, informative, and entertaining and worth taking a listen.

In this episode we present three selections from her new album. You can learn more about Susan and her music at

Next up on Friday, March 19 will be John R. Block, President Ronald Regan's secretary of agriculture, for whom Ramminger and I both worked back in the day when he was president of a national food industry trade association. Actually, Ramminger "willed" me the job, which I originally helped him obtain, when he went on to bigger things.

Block will talk national politics with us, his take on today's GOP, and perhaps we can even talk him into playing his guitar.

We'll also premier the complete version of Ramminger's original theme song, "Tempo and the Times," which you get a taste of in the opening to this episode and again at the close.

We hope you enjoy this first edition and will follow us. We'll be streaming every Friday with fresh talk, music, and interviews about music, changing times, news, politics and whatever else happens to come up.

By the way, you can learn more about Tempo and the Times here.

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2 comentarios

Don Kohn
Don Kohn
14 mar 2021

Keep these podcasts coming. This is very entertaining and nice music.

Me gusta
Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
14 mar 2021
Contestando a

Thanks, Don. We intend to do that. Next Friday we expect to have former Reagan cabinet member John R. Block as our guest. Should be interesting.

Me gusta
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