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New Bello Thriller: Betrayal at the Border

Check out the latest episode of the Lean to the Left podcast with Mark M. Bello, host of the Justice Counts podcast and author of a gripping series of legal thrillers ripped from the headlines.

A retired social justice attorney, Mark has just finished his seventh book in his “Betrayal” series. It’s called Betrayal at the Border in which he tackles two cases that strike at the heart of our nation’s contentious immigration debate.

Mark has an uncanny knack for homing in on an issue in the news and turning it into a page-turning novel, always providing insight while entertaining the reader at the same time. Betrayal at the Border is no different.

I might add that Mark also is an occasional host of the Lean to the Left podcast, always providing great depth to our interviews.

Meanwhile, the topic of immigration is featured in a new Justice Counts podcast, now streaming. Mark and I interview Tahmina Watson, an incredibly articulate and forceful immigration attorney based in Seattle, WA, who offers terrific insight into today's immigration crisis.

You can check out "Fighting for Immigration Justice" here.

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