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NFN Poll: Jury's Out on Trump

As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to launch hearings to decide if articles of impeachment should be sent to the House floor for a vote, the jury is still out as far as many Not Fake News readers are concerned.

NFN's latest Snap Poll, which asked readers whether they believe their is enough evidence now to impeach Donald Trump, showed 16 yes, 12 no, and four undecided.

The Judiciary Committee's hearings, set to begin December 4, are expected to facilitate an "academic discussion of impeachment," according to a Democratic staffer who spoke with The Daily Beast.

However, Trump has been notified by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) that he has until Sunday, Dec. 1 to notify the committee of any plans to participate in those hearings, and if so, who will be involved.

Meanwhile, House Inteligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and his panel will submit a report about its findings, presumably next week.

Obviously, if the president should decide to participate, the Judiciary Committee hearings will be far more than an "academic discussion." Moreover, it can be expected that Trump loyalists, including Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) will make every effort to turn the hearings into an indictment of the process that has led to the impeachment inquiry by House Democrats.

So, in any case, more fireworks can be expected.

Following the Judiciary Committee's hearings, assuming articles of impeachment are sent to the full House of Representatives, that vote is expected to occur before year's end. Then, assuming they pass the full House, the Republican-controlled Senate will convene an impeachment trial, which is expected to take place in January.

While all of this is happening, Trump continues to deny he did anything wrong when he asked Ukraine President Zelinsky to investigate the Bidens if he wanted financial aid from the U.S., and Republicans argue that even if he made such a request, it was not an impeachable offense.

And, Trump continues to try diverting attention to just about anything else -- even to claiming that he is saving today's holiday name, Thanksgiving, from the liberals and the politically correct. After all, to hear him tell it, he has saved patriotic Americans from the "war on Christmas."

Come on, now. You'd think he'd have more important things to worry about.

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