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NFN Poll: Senate Republicans will Ignore the Facts

Not Fake News readers who responded to our latest Snap Poll do not believe that Senate Republicans would vote to convict President Trump, if he is impeached by the House of Representatives, regardless of the facts.

The question was asked as follows:

Right wing publication The Washington Examiner predicts the Trump impeachment effort will "run into a brick wall" in the Senate, as Republican senators, fearful of primary election challengers, will vote not to convict, regardless of the facts. Do you think this will happen?

By a vote of 30-4, with two people undecided, respondents answered "yes" -- indicating stark skepticism that the Senate, controlled by the GOP, will vote to convict regardless of what evidence is presented during upcoming pubic hearings in the House or thereafter.

As The Washington Post reported last week:

Democrats see the open sessions on national television as an opportunity to build a public case for impeaching Trump over his pressure on a foreign power to investigate his domestic political rivals. To date, the details have been in transcripts, news reports and descriptions from Democratic and Republican lawmakers. The open hearings will give voice to those words.

As Trump likes to say, "We'll see what happens."

Meanwhile, check out our new Snap Poll, prompted by speculation in the media that Hillary Clinton might jump into the Democratic primary race, with her focus on South Carolina on February 29. It will be the fourth test for candidates, following caucuses in Iowa and Nevada and the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 11.

This week's question:

There is speculation in the media that Hillary Clinton may enter the Democratic presidential race, beginning with the South Carolina primary election on Feb. 29. Should Clinton become a candidate?

Check it out and cast your vote. Clinton: Yes or No?

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