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NFN Radio News Named 11th Best Leftist Podcast

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

NFN Radio News, the progressive podcast launched by Not Fake News on February 3, has been selected as the 11th best "leftist" podcast on the web by

We absolutely are honored and thrilled to be listed among the Top 15 Leftist Political Podcasts on the internet. NFN Radio News provides narrated versions of Not Fake News blogs along with bonus commentary and interviews, from a progressive perspective.

You can listen to NFN Radio News by clicking on the Podcast tab above, or going directly to our sites on Podbean, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tumblr, GooglePlay and iTunes.

Check us out! It's great listening while you're working out or simply relaxing. And remember, it's all presented with just a little lean to the left.

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