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Nothing to Hide?

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Hey, Mr. President, if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding the truth from the American people?

For an administration that claims it has nothing to hide, DonaldTrump and his cronies certainly are doing everything they can to do exactly that.

From the recent Corey Lewandowski “testimony”before Congress all the way back to the firing of Michael Flynn, this administration has obfuscated, denied, deflected and done every other dirty trick to prevent the truth from coming out.

What are they hiding?

Those in the administration are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, basically swearing fealty to the White House over the interests of the country they swore to serve. They not only place party over country, they place loyalty to Donald Trump over the well-being of the people to whom they are supposed to be faithful.

With the latest round of hearings underway, Democrats are attempting to bring to light the many indiscretions of this administration. They are trying to delve into the accusations the Mueller Report implied, only to be met with obstructionist tactics as the White House refuses to honor Congressional subpoenas.

Democrats are flailing in their efforts to hold this administration accountable. They are only half-heartedly seeking impeachment because they fear a failed effort will result in a Clinton-esque backlash that would result in their losing the 2020 election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has stuck to her guns in insisting that the election will decide if Trump, Pence, Inc. gets another term. This is in direct opposition to the majority of Democrats who support impeachment and more in line with a majority of Americans who also favor the electoral process as a means of determining their fate.

Meanwhile, the dance goes on.

Much like Sean Spicer’s embarrassing performance on network television, Trump and his pals dance awkwardly around facts, dodging accountability and two-stepping around the truth.

If they aren’t trying to hide anything, why are they dancing so fast, and so badly?

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Jackie Cristiano
Jackie Cristiano
28 sept 2019

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