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Numb, but Ready to Fight

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Like the punch-drunk boxer who can no longer feel the blows during a prizefight, the events of this past week have left me numb.

Coronavirus deaths surpassed 100,000. A black man was murdered by police as he begged for his life and bystanders videoed the incident while telling police to stop.

And, of course, we have Donald Trump, who injected himself into the news cycle via Twitter and what have become almost daily press briefings that have replaced the Coronavirus Task Force briefings, as well as his rallies, which can no longer be held under the current restrictions.


All 50 states have implemented some form of phased reopening after deaths skyrocketed with the spread of coronavirus that forced states to enact social distancing guidelines because the federal government failed to perform this vital function.

Not surprisingly, cases have increased in several states. Defenders of this administration are quick to blame increased testing for the growing number of cases, rather than the risks of more deaths from this all-too-quick reopening process.

In yet another attempt to deflect blame for his administration’s inept coronavirus response, Donald Trump has declared he is cutting funding to the World Health Organization. He

claims the organization is culpable in the spread of the pandemic by not pressing China for more details as the illness spread.

Despite Trump’s claim that his response saved “millions”, the death count continues to rise daily.

George Floyd

Remember his name. Like so many before him, dating back over our 200-plus years of history as a nation, another person of color has died at the hands of those who live by the motto, “To Protect and Serve”.

Almost 30 years after Rodney King was savagely beaten by police officers, a moment that was captured by a video camera, we are once again faced with a black man who was murdered while officers stood by, or even participated in the events that led to Floyd’s death.

People took to the streets to once again protest his murder, as well as mistreatment of minorities by law enforcement. Once again, the administration attempts to use this to its political advantage.

While state authorities claim the violence that erupted in these protests was the work of white supremacists who sought to create chaos amongst the mourning, Attorney General William P. Barr announced that the violence was caused by left wing Antifa members.

Trump, predictably, took to Twitter to make his feelings known. Calling the protestors “thugs” and doubling down with the racist comment uttered by former Alabama Governor George Wallace, “When the looting starts the shooting starts." Trump condemned the protestors.

Yet, it was only a couple of weeks ago he was praising armed protestors in Michigan and urging the governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D) to negotiate with them.

As more protests were planned, Trump threatened to use the military to quell the violence.

Trump vs. Twitter

Twitter has always been Donald Trump’s favorite social media. Yet, this week he took action because of a fact check label Twitter placed on two of his tweets, questioning the validity of his posts. To Trump and his supporters this was akin to sacrilege, as his tweets are viewed as gospel to his base, who would undoubtedly insist that a Book of Trump be added to any Bible updates.

Trump quickly retaliated by issuing an executive order aimed at preventing social media from doing so in the future.

Undeterred, Twitter labeled Trump’s tweet about the protestors in Minnesota as “glorifying violence."

This First Amendment battle will surely go on, as Trump refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. And why should he? He’s been getting away with it for years. Like a child being potty trained, Trump cannot understand why, if he’s been doing something the same way for years, he suddenly must change.

So, like the boxer sitting in his corner after another brutal round, I, too, am stunned. I wonder if I can endure much more of this. It’s still a long time until November. I’m numb, but I’m getting off my stool.

I’m ready for more. It's time to take a stand!

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Ok-I am doing good with the coronavirus. I will donate as soon as I have income again-for sure! Have shared on social media-so many people sharing too. I most definitely will be voting and am now contacting Twitter and FB. Thank you.


C J Waldron
C J Waldron
May 31, 2020

Coronavirus: We start by social distancing, wearing masks, NOT going out to restaurants but using take out to support local businesses and keeping healthy habits

George Floyd: We support his cause through donations. We continue to share the images and videos on social media. We do NOT politicize the issue by blaming one party or the other. We support our local law enforcement, but demand change, including sensitivity training that eliminates racial profiling. We do NOT take part in large rallies where we risk being caught up in the mob mentality (Blog on this to follow).

Trump: VOTE! Demand Twitter and Facebook hold him as accountable as anyone else. Fact check before posting.


How do we do this? What are the steps? How do we take a stand? I am ready!

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