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One Man's Drive to Decarbonize the World

With the war in Ukraine continuing to rage and President Biden just challenging the energy companies to stop sitting on profits and produce oil to ease pricing pressure to consumers, you have to wonder what the impact will be on the battle to curtail greenhouse gases in the fight against climate change.

Frank Dalene, author of Decarbonize the World, A Market-Based Solution to the Climate Crisis, in this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, expresses concern that animosity caused by Russia's attack on Ukraine will prevent worldwide cooperation that is needed to effectively reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

"We only have one atmosphere," he says, noting that every industrialized nation must take effective action if the worldwide dangers of climate change are to be mitigated.

Dalene is president/CEO of luxury home builder Telemark Inc., an early adopter of green technologies, and reveals on the show that he's building a new "proof of concept" addition to his home on Long Island that will be 100 percent free of fossil fuels. The structure floats on a slab of six-inch dense foam, uses groundwater for cooling, and hot air from the roof to generate hot water. He describes the structure in some detail and says it is a "living laboratory" for engineering houses in the future. Dalene is the founder of the Hamptons Green Alliance, where more information about this initiative can be found.

While Dalene advocates the use of electric vehicles (EV) and the Biden administration's plan to build the necessary infrastructure to support their use, such as charging stations, he points out that the use of solar to power homes should accompany the growth in EVs.

In addition, Dalene describes on the podcast a new system that he has developed to determine the greenhouse gas impact of specific products and services. He is working with federal officials and lawmakers to gain the necessary governmental support to make this system a reality.

For a fascinating discussion about energy, the environment, and the fight against climate change, take a listen:

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