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One Trick Ponies

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Like the pony in a carousel, a "one trick pony" voter is stuck...on a single issue.

When it comes to selecting a candidate for president, many people choose based upon a single issue on which they see eye-to-eye with their choice. These are “one-trick pony” voters.

Instead of voting on a candidate’s overall qualifications, they follow a single issue. If the candidate’s view reflects theirs, they are more likely to vote for them -- regardless of any other factors that might be involved.

One such example is the naïveté of Christian Conservatives who voted for Donald Trump. They agreed with his “pro-life” stance, so they supported him. They ignore that he is a liar, a racist, a serial philander and the anthesis of the “love thy neighbor” that their faith espouses.

He’s anti-abortion, so that’s good enough for them.

Never mind that, after a child is born, they oppose access to affordable, Head Start, public education, WIC, and other programs that would help that child succeed in life. If they are born, that’s where the support ends.

Gun nuts support Trump for his stance on the Second Amendment. Never mind that it wholly distorts the intent of the Founding Fathers to maintain “a well-regulated militia”.

White supremacists support him for his anti-immigration/anti-Muslim stance. Never mind that America was founded as a nation of immigrants that promotes Freedom of Religion.

One trick ponies aren't only Republicans. Many people didn’t research Barack Obama before voting for him. They voted for him as a Democrat, as a person of color or any of a myriad of single issues.

Back when Bill Clinton was running, many young people voted for him based on his “I didn’t inhale” claim, believing he would legalize marijuana. Some were enthralled by his saxophone playing appearance on Arsenio Hall.

These are one-trick pony voters.

Even today’s huge slate of Democratic candidates has its share of one issue players. Jay Inslee is running largely on the sole platform of climate change. Bernie Sanders is garnering the support of younger voters by promising free college, and many other candidates are being supported based on their stance on a single issue.

What is the solution?

Don’t rely on a single issue. Do your research. Look at a candidate’s overall stance and choose the one who most closely aligns to your values. Then, although you may not totally agree, you can at least accept that you made the right choice.

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I agree as well. Although a candidate may agree with one issue that we feel strongly about, their agenda may be to implement policies that are extremely harmful to our nation, the world or directly harmful to us as individuals. If we are not good "Americans" or good stewards of our democracy by not truly researching our candidates, we will and have elect people who in fact are against overall yourself interest no matter which party we profess to be a member of or support.


I can't agree more! My neighbor is so overwhelmed that she told me she gives up and will vote for whomever I vote for-there are so many issues and you are so right-people vote for the person who mirrors their stance on something! So whatever issue is most concerning gets the vote. I do think, however, it all boils down to what each person considers personal success. I have heard very often recently-"well the economy is good". Scary!

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