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Pic of the Week: Gull Frenzy

Seagulls swarm along the shores of Lake Erie.
Gull Frenzy, by Kit Dietz

Ever sat on the beach and all of a sudden the solitude was broken by dozens of seagulls swarming overhead, almost as they they were about to attack.

That's what photographer and NFN member Kit Dietz caught in this terrific shot, that he calls "Gull Frenzy," one day when he was walking along the shore of Lake Erie.

Thanks, Kit, for sharing this great shot with our Not Fake News tribe.

All Not Fake News readers are invited to submit photos to be considered for Pic of the Week, usually published on Sundays. Just email them to

Cellphone pics are fine -- you don't have to be a pro, but photos must be shot by the individual submitting them and free of any copyright restrictions. There is no financial compensation involved, only great fame.


  • Natural environment (seascapes, sunsets, flowers, etc.)

  • People

  • Travel

  • Sports

  • Public events (concerts, demonstrations, political speakers, etc.)

  • News events

  • Portraits

  • Food

  • Buildings, architecture, cityscapes

  • Animals, Pets

  • Additional categories upon request, subject to approval.


  • Photos must be the original work of the person submitting them.

  • Photos must have been shot within the last six months.

  • Submission must include a brief caption (subject to editing) and the date of the photo.

  • Photos will be selected for inclusion based on their quality and appropriateness for NFN.

  • Submission of the photo implies consent for publication in the Not Fake News online blog and distribution via our social media platforms.

  • No sexually explicit images.

I hope you enjoy this feature and that you will actively participate!

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