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Pics of the Week: Eagle Claw Landing (Series)

eagle in flght
A majestic bald eagle approaches...

Not Fake News member Kit Dietz has shared with us four incredible photos that he took of a majestic bald eagle, first in flight (above), then landing with his claws outstretched, then landing on a branch, and finally meeting up with another eagle.

Bald eagle lands, claws extended
Claws extended, he prepares to land...

Kit spent more than 20 hours and took thousands -- yes thousands -- of shots to get these four incredible photos as he enjoyed the natural beauty of Old Woman Creek near his home in Huron, Ohio.

Bald eagle on branch
He then settles on a branch and searches...

According to the Huron Historical Society, Old Woman Creek is one of the few naturally functioning estuary environments – places where chemically-distinct bodies of water meet and mix – left in the western basin of Lake Erie.

This ecosystem features diverse habitats of marshlands, sand beaches, and upland forests, supporting plants and animals unique to natural coastal communities. Nearly 300 bird species (including bald eagles), 40 fish species, and hundreds of native plants have been recorded in this area.

two eagles argue on a branch
...and then the argument begins.

Old Woman Creek is Ohio’s only national estuarine sanctuary and became a state nature preserve in 1980. Kit Dietz spends many hours there exploring nature and shooting photos of wildlife -- especially the eagles.

Thanks, Kit, for sharing these wonderful images with Not Fake News.

To contribute photos for pic of the week, please send high resolution jpgs to There is no compensation involved, just fame.

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