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Podcast Guest is Finalist for Military Book Award

Vietnam vet and author Robin Bartlett's book, "Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History", has been chosen a finalist by the Foreword Indies Book Awards, the Army Historical Foundation's Distinguished Writing Awards and the Military Writers Society Awards (MSWA).

Bartlett was a guest on our podcast Feb. 15, 2023, when he took us back 50 years for a "boots on the ground" account of his combat experiences as a 22-year-old 1st Lieutenant with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam.

It was a fascinating interview during which Robin talks about the long-term impact, both positive and negative, on his home life and business career...with insights about leadership, courage, PTSD, and life lessons learned. View the episode. 

Military Book Award

Bartlett's book cover

Here's the military book award review from the MSWA, which captures the essence of his book and why he wrote it:

Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History is an excellent, well-written combat memoir about one young American’s time in Vietnam. Only 22 at the time, Lieutenant Bartlett is put out in the field with the First Cavalry Division in Vietnam at the height of the war. Though a graduate of Airborne school and Ranger school, this is his baptism by fire. How Bartlett navigates the path between FNG and experienced combat leader is an intense, harrowing, horrifying, and sometimes humorous journey that any Vietnam veteran or small unit combat leader will appreciate. Bartlett doesn’t pull any punches. He gives the good, the bad, and the ugly—often in the same chapter. He is honest about his mistakes, and speaks with candor about the situations and actions of Army leadership that he encounters. He is also blunt about his combat experience, and the fear and terror he felt while doing his job. His writing gives insight into himself as well as vivifies the experience of a platoon commander for those that have not experienced it.

Vietnam veterans (grunts in particular) and those who enjoy combat memoirs will enjoy this book.

Review by Rob Ballister (March 2024)

Congratulations, Robin, and Welcome Home. We thank you for your service and for sharing your experiences with us as we honor all of those who have defended our nation and continue to do so.

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