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Questioning His Mental Fitness to be President

AI-generated image of Donald Trump
Yes, there is one candidate for President who's mental acuity is in serious question.

Assessing the mental fitness of a public figure, especially a president, requires careful consideration and evidence-based analysis. The evaluation must be rooted in the candidate’s body of work, observable behavior, documented statements, performance in office, and expert opinions.

It should not be based on personal or political bias. Thus, examining cognitive abilities through a lens of objective criteria typically used to assess the individual’s mental fitness for any job they seek is crucial.

Mental acuity encompasses numerous cognitive functions—memory, attention to detail, executive function, and problem-solving abilities come to mind. In the context of the presidency, these functions are critical for decision-making, managing complex issues, and being an effective and engaging leader. Considering these factors, there are serious questions about whether one of our 2024 candidates possesses the requisite cognitive faculties to be our next president.

One of the key areas of concern is this candidate’s frequent inability to be honest and truthful and communicate issues to the American people compellingly and consistently.

One candidate is well-known for making divisive, false, or misleading statements on the campaign trail and social media. During a recent 90-minute debate, he lied at least 50 times. His handling of important issues, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, featured fluctuating stances, particularly on the severity of the virus and potentially effective treatments. Did he do this deliberately to confuse people? Or, worse, does he have difficulty with common sense, memory, or information processing, tools vital to providing clear and consistent leadership, particularly for a nation in crisis?

Moreover, this candidate’s frequent dissemination of debunked conspiracy theories and other misinformation underscores concerns about his cognitive judgment and divides our nation. Questions about election integrity, his inability to distinguish criminals from hostages or patriots, and his persistence in believing and publicizing these falsehoods suggest a potential serious impairment in critical thinking and rational decision-making.

This candidate’s impulsivity is also a point of concern. A president must make life-altering decisions carefully and deliberately, consulting with experts. But this man makes abrupt and inconsistent decisions without input from his advisors. Impulsive troop withdrawals without consulting key military advisors and public statements about the efficacy of viral treatment without consulting with medical advisors are clear indicators of impaired executive function, crucial to mental acuity and fitness for office. They are also highly dangerous to our citizens.

Which Candidate Lacks the Mental Fitness to be President?

The candidate has steadfastly refused to seek a professional evaluation of his cognitive state even though more than a dozen mental health professionals concerned about him have urged for an assessment. His dismissal of these suggestions and persistent attacks on the professionals who proffer them is a red flag that demonstrates his lack of self-awareness and unwillingness to address severe cognitive issues.

Twenty-seven psychiatrists and psychologists once wrote essays critiquing his unique behavior characteristics. The various authors highlighted narcissistic personality disorders, characterized by grandiosity, a lack of empathy, and an acute need for admiration and praise. While these traits may not, alone, measure cognitive ability, they impact presidential abilities and interpersonal relations integral to the office.

While both candidates have been accused of criminal behavior, only one has been convicted of 34 felonies, adjudged guilty of sexual misconduct, and led a company declared guilty of corporate fraud.  


One candidate in the race likely lacks the mental fitness required to be president. Definite conclusions should be drawn cautiously. One party has issued a call to action and concern over a 90-minute debate performance, ignoring that the country has experienced unprecedented prosperity and job growth and regained international stature over the past 3 + years.

The other party stands solidly behind its mentally challenged candidate despite years of lies, conspiracy theories, divisive and inconsistent leadership, impulsivity, poor decision-making, erratic staff management, and resistance to professional evaluation of cognitive abilities. Forty former staff members, his vice president, and his party's only living former president refused to endorse him.

While both candidates should undergo extensive cognitive examinations, one thing is clear: Donald J. Trump is mentally unfit for the office of President of the United States.

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