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Republicans & Their Big Lies

If you want smaller government, and a chance for a better life, then vote for Democrats. That is correct, the term, "conservative," used to represent the Republicans, but not anymore.

Do you want the government to stay out of your bedrooms, your libraries and your child’s classroom, then vote for Democrats. If you are a woman and you would like the government to stay out of your reproductive organs, vote for Democrats.

The big lie Republicans are telling is that you must vote for them to make America great again. How many times have you heard that lie? It can only be true if they can say how they will do that.

They want to talk inflation, they want to blame the Biden Administration for inflation, but it is worldwide. How much power does Biden have? Have they once mentioned that the oil companies are making record profits while our gas prices are sky high? In Q1 (first quarter) 2022, top oil companies amassed an historic $41 billion in profits. Many doubled their windfall from Q1 of the previous year.

Then, of course, there is the worldwide inflationary impact of the Russian attack on Ukraine by Trump's pal, Putin. That sent the stock market plummeting, and it has yet to recover. But they blame Biden. That's fair.

In a perfect world, Democrats might demand a simple addendum to the Voting Rights Act. It would read: All voters must have a valid ID and a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 in their possession before casting their ballots.

It is an outrageous idea, right? Of course it is; many people don’t even know about the book, and you can’t require people to bring a book to vote. We can agree on that. But, is that idea any more outrageous than what is actually going on at this election? Do we need a meeting to decide if it is acceptable to have masked, and armed vigilantes dressed in camouflage suits staking out polling places?

How about the outrageous Georgia law that makes it illegal to give water or sustenance to those waiting in line to vote? Seriously, even family members aren’t allowed to help you. So, if you live in Georgia, and you have been in line waiting to vote long enough to feel faint, or dehydrated, anyone who helps you can go to jail and pay a $1000.00 fine.

Doesn’t the American spirit make you want to get a group together and bring several cases of water down to Georgia on Election Day, just hoping to find a long line of people waiting to vote so you can pass out water? And bring a reporter along to take pictures and write about it.

We live in a free country, right? We can give water to anyone if we want to and we can tell anyone attempting to intimidate us to “get lost.” The law will be on our side. It used to be in America.

Keep in mind it is the so-called conservative arm of the political spectrum that favors those measures. Didn’t the term “conservative” mean less, rather than more? Surely, anyone who loves a free America has considered the enormity of what the Right has in mind if they are given the opportunity to govern.

Two full years after the 2020 presidential election there are still people who believe the election was “rigged.” Donald Trump and his allies filed lawsuits claiming election fraud with State Supreme Courts. More than 60 of those lawsuits failed because they were unable to prove their allegations. Why didn’t that fact end the lie for Trump and his followers? Why will Trump followers believe some remote undocumented theory rather than 60 court rulings?

That alone is frightening.

It will be hard for some to believe that the Republican campaign is built on lies and distortions, but believe it. Do your own research, please. But get out and vote, and give your neighbor a ride to the polls if they need one. But please vote. And, by the way, if you haven’t read1984, then get a copy and read it to some children. They are going to need to know all about it someday.

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1 Comment

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Nov 05, 2022

Oh & of course let's not forget our "bogus" SCOTUS! Not only were 2 appointees "stolen" from Demicrats, The three that were apponted ALL LIED under oath about Roe!

A much larger issue is WHERE'S THE ACLU?? That GA law providing assistance to voters should have been CHALLENGED IN COURT a long time ago! It should have NEVER been able to impact any election.

The Constitution needs to be updated & brought up to current standards of life (guns) and adjust the powers of the Courts so decisions can be overturned by popular vote. Presidential powers MUST be restricted & bad Presidents must be indicted & tried in the COURTS! -- Rick Comfort, via email.

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