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Safety at the Ballpark

It’s almost World Series time and the playoffs are still going on, so we're talking a little ball today on The Lean to the Left Podcast.

Yep…that’s right…baseball.

We're not talking about the playoffs, who's going to win or not, or about the heroics of some of the players. We're not talking about the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat.

Nope, we're talking about fans getting smacked by screaming foul balls as the sit in the seats watching the game, and what their recourses might be for recovery if they get hurt.

Our guest is Jordan Skopp, who among other things is leading a fight to get rid of a longtime baseball rule that prevents fans who are injured by batted balls to receive compensation in court, no matter how badly they are hurt.

Well, you might say, that fans are accepting the risk when they buy those tickets so they can have the best view or have a great chance of getting a ball for a souvenir. I do!

But Jordan thinks it’s wrong that fans can’t sue for damages if they are hurt, and he’s leading a drive called Foul Ball Safety Now and is writing a book on the topic.

Take a listen:

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