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Scott Ramminger's New R&B Album Previewed

Hey guys, something a little different for you today on The Lean to the Left Podcast.

We’re with an old buddy of mine, Scott Ramminger, a brilliant songwriter and blues musician based in Nashville, who’s coming out Feb. 4 with a new album, “Live from Third & Lindsley Nashville.”

It’s his sixth record since 2011, and the third since he relocated from the Washington DC area to Nashville in 2017. And therein lies a part of the story.

For years, Scott worked for trade associations – business lobbying organizations – in Washington, DC, and that’s where we met. He once willed me a cushy job when he took an even cushier one.

But Scott got sick of the DC rat race and headed for Nashville…and now he’s a happy man, focused on writing music and performing. He wrote all of the songs on his album, does the vocals, and is a hell of a sax player. You’ll hear a couple samples during the show.

There's a lot of funny stuff too, talk about where he comes up with his ideas for his songs (could that be from his love life, I ask?), and a lot more. Here are some of the questions I asked Scott in the interview:

  • You moved to Nashville about five years ago and started digging in on your music, what’s the difference that the change of location has mean’t?

  • Which do you enjoy more, making records or playing live?

  • Tell me about this record that’s coming out on Feb. 4.

  • The last track, “Come Valentines Day” is a studio track you cut in Muscle Shoals. Talk about that a bit.

  • What’s your favorite song on the album?

  • What have you experienced and observed as the effect of COVID on musicians and the music business?

  • What about the impact of the digital age on you and other musicians?

  • What have you got in the pipeline behind this record?

Listen to the podcast:

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