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Should Biden be Replaced? A Conversation About Attracting Young Voters

JASON PALMER appears on the Dixie Dems Lean to the Left episode.

Former presidential candidate Jason Palmer, who challenged President Biden for the Democratic nomination, is urging Democrats to replace Biden with a younger candidate who would attract the support of young voters and independents.

It's a position that Palmer held as he sought the nomination himself, not one that resulted only from Biden's poor performance in his June 27 debate with Donald Trump. But now that he's dropped out of the race, Palmer has launched a new organization called Together!, aimed at reducing political polarization and empowering young voters to foster bipartisan leadership.

On this month's Dixie Dems episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, Palmer, an accomplished venture capitalist and an influential leader in the technology and innovation sectors, discusses his groundbreaking initiative. He joins Dixie Dems regular panelists, Arthur Hill from North Carolina and Robert Thompson from Georgia, and myself representing South Carolina, as we share our insights on key political developments.

Should Biden be Replaced?

"Honestly, it pained my heart to watch that debate," Palmer recalls. "I really went into the debate hoping that President Biden and President Trump would both set kind of a positive vision for the future. That's really important to me and make people feel great about the potential leadership for the country.

"And I saw one man up there who was lying all the time in every single answer and, just demonstrating no character. And then I saw President Biden up there saying a lot of things that if you looked at the transcript, he was saying correct, factual information, but the most important thing he needed to show was energy and that he could be a fighter on behalf of the American people and that you could beat Trump. And honestly, he fell short on that."

"I want Democrats to have a very thoughtful and in public conversation about the fact that there are better candidates to run against Trump this fall, who not only have a better chance of winning, but who actually have a positive vision for the future," Palmer says.

"We should thank him and honor him for his 50 years of service. But it's time for him to be like George Washington and say, it's time for me to pass that torch to the next generation."

His answer to the question "Should Biden be Replaced?" was clear. The Democrats, he says, should have a serious conversation about how to do that.


The Mission of Together!

Palmer's vision for Together! is to engage and mobilize a million young voters in battleground states this fall. The initiative will endorse 20 young, technologically savvy candidates committed to bipartisanship. These candidates need to sign a pledge to join the Problem Solvers Caucus in the House of Representatives once elected and work towards constructive bipartisan solutions.

Currently, Together! has publicly endorsed four candidates: Frank Pierce in North Carolina, Rebecca Cook in Wisconsin, Louisa Kuaea in American Samoa, and Adam Frisch in Colorado.

Palmer stressed the strategic importance of these candidacies, highlighting how they are poised to infuse fresh perspectives into Congress. He expects the roster of Together! -endorsed candidates -- nine Democrats, nine Republicans, and two independents, to be completed over the summer, perhaps by the end of July.


Palmer emphasizes the critical need for funds to support Together!'s ambitious agenda. Although the initiative is equipped to operate with half a million dollars, the ultimate goal is to raise $20 million. Contributions are being sought from individuals, PACs, and corporations, with various fundraising mechanisms including a Kickstarter campaign that involves college sports stars and others. To learn more, please visit


Regional Political Updates

In a segment discussing regional political updates, Arthur Hill and Robert Thompson bring to light key issues in North Carolina and Georgia. Hill discusses the intense gubernatorial race in North Carolina and the legislature’s controversial changes to campaign finance laws. Thompson talks about the dangerous climate for election workers in Georgia and key electoral races, emphasizing the critical need for competent and fair representation.


Tune in to this episode for valuable insights and learn more about the Together! movement for a more bipartisan and inclusive political landscape.

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