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So What's the Lean to the Left Podcast, Anyway?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

So, what's the Lean to the Left podcast, anyway? Our podcast presents fascinating interviews about the major social issues of our times, has just published its 600th episode since being launched about three years ago as NFN Radio News.

It stems from Lean to the Left, with its progressive political commentary and is based on Bob's experience as a journalist and communications advisor.

What type of guests will you find on the podcast? Just check our podcast site for thumbnails of all our shows, but here are some recent highlights and what's ahead this month:

Aug. 31, Episode 600 -- Joel A. Davis Brown, LGBTQ+ Leadership -- Author of "The Souls of Queer Folk, How Understanding the LGBTQ+ Culture Can Transform Your Leadership Practice."

Aug. 28, Episode 599 -- Climate Change Progress -- The Southwest -- Energy scientist Jack Kerfoot analyses state efforts to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Third episode in a series analyzing various regions of our country.

Aug. 24, Episode 598 -- Participatory Photography, Reforming Probation -- Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Fisher discusses how giving cameras to those on probation helps them succeed in life after prison.

Aug. 21, Episode 597 -- The Dixie Dems: The Trump Indictments -- Bob Gatty, SC; Robert Thompson, GA, and Arthur Hill, NC discuss the impact of Donald Trump's indictments. Episodes of the Dixie Dems stream every month and focus on politics in the South.

Aug. 17, Episode 596 -- Dan McCrory-How Capitalism Has Killed the Middle Class -- McCrory, a long-time labor activist, believes that a strong labor movement is the key to saving the middle class from being abused by the top one percent.

Aug. 11, Episode 595 -- Raped as Child, Bringing Joy Today -- When Shana Francesca was just three years old, she was raped by her babysitter's boyfriend. When she was older, she was the victim of attempted sex abuse by her father, an evangelical minister. Today, Shana is on a mission to help others cope with life's challenges and achieve joy in their lives.

Aug. 9, Episode 595 -- A Son's Suicide: A Mom Tells Her Story -- As a single mom to her only child, Barbara Legere journeyed alongside her son through his mental health issues and addiction. Then, she wrote a memoir about her son’s suicide, called “Keven’s Choice: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Son’s Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide.”

Aug. 6, Episode 594 -- Climate Change: The Sword of Damocles -- Warning that the environmental consequences of climate change are already upon us, energy scientist Jack Kerfoot and Maya van Rossum, originator of the Green Amendment, urge voters to elect state and federal legislators who are determined to take concrete action.

September Scheduled Episodes

Sept. 7 -- Mark Barnes, Hacking Life After 50 -- Fitness advocate and practitioner Mark Barnes reveals his secret sauce for a healthy and joy-filled life as we grow older. His goal: Live to at least 100 with great quality of life.

Sept. 11 -- Andy Frye, 90 Days in the 90s -- Rock ‘n Roll and time traveling back to the ‘90s. And a little bit of baseball.

Sept. 14 -- Oksana Kukurudza -- WWII & Ukraine War -- She discusses her parents' experience in the Nazi slave camps, liberation by US army, time in displaced person refugee camps and finally settling in the US to raise their 12 children.

Sept. 18 -- Jack Kerfoot -- Climate Change Progress: Southeast -- Energy scientist Jack Kerfoot analyses state efforts to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Fourth episode in a series analyzing various regions of our country.

Sept. 21 -- Rebecca Bratspies -- Environmental Justice -- Founding director of the Center for Urban Environmental Reform, she’s the author of an award-winning environmental justice comic book series, The Environmental Justice Chronicles, designed to bring environmental literacy to a new generation of environmental leaders.

Sept. 25 -- Regina Lark -- Women Workplace Equality -- Dr. Lark helps women rid their lives of emotional labor by offering concrete ways to identify and mitigate the costs of their unseen, unnoticed and unwaged work at home, and to unleash women into the full potential in the paid workplace.

Sept. 28 -- John Neral -- How We Show Up Matters -- Strategies for success derived from Neral's expiriences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as an educator, union leader, and life coach.

We stream Mondays and Thursdays, with audio and video versions here on the Lean to the Left YouTube channel and major podcast outlets. Please visit for more info and to subscribe.

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